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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Random Thought Thursday

While fighting off a bug, my clouded mind today is dealing with these issues:

I'm thinking of filing a class action lawsuit against the razor companies. For several years I've been using triple and quadruple blade razors. Now I find out that I'm getting a better shave with a twin blade. If you can't trust the razor industry, who can you trust?

If you missed it, Jenna Jameson announced at the AVN Award ceremony that she was retiring from adult films. That news led to this thought....aren't performers in that industry a lot like boxers? They take a lot of punishment in their youth...make some money...then as their skills start to slip and their brains start to get damaged (from punches and drugs) they walk away...only to return again and again...just a shell of their former selves.

I think by law if someone asks you "Hey, did you watch American Idol last night?" you should be allowed to punch them in the nose.

I think Green Bay is the greatest sports city in the world. I loved my time in that part of the country. Good folks and great fans. The local tv channel in Green Bay found out that Giants QB Eli Manning's favorite show is Seinfeld. So they aren't running it this weekend. Pulled it off their weekend schedule just to upset Eli's routine. Its been snowing in Green Bay all week and the high temp on Sunday is 6 degrees. Probably be colder than that since the game won't start till 6ish.

I think if you put an Amish beard on him, Barrack Obama would look like Abe Lincoln with a tan.

I think nothing makes me feel more violent than the comedic stylings of Bob Saget and the music of Dave Matthews. Hate them both.

I think within 5 years, no one will be buying recorded music. It'll all be digital downloads. I miss vinyl more all the time.

Did they even need to do an autopsy on Ike Turner to determine he had drugs in his system when he died? Wasn't that a given?

If you had Apt Pupil star Brad Renfro in your Dead Pool this year congrats. Drugs and celebs do not mix.

I think I'm beyond tired of hearing Ohio State fans whine about losing the BCS. I also think if you're under the impression that a return to the national title game is coming since all those juniors are coming back, you're fooling yourself. The Bucks have to go to USC and there is no way they win that game.

I think I'm an idiot for mentioning a game that is 9 months away.

Do you know anyone who is a fan of the NBA? I don't.

I'm not a big moviegoer these days (too expensive) but I'm so going to see Cloverfield this weekend. It looks amazing and the trailer to the new Star Trek movie is attached to it.

The writer's strike has killed the Justice League movie. Thank god. When rapper Common and the dork from the OC are your stars, your project is in trouble. This flick needs to be done right or not done at all.

Finally, in another sign that the apocalypse is near, Oprah has been given her own cable network. Why do I fear that if Obama wins we're looking at the United States of Oprah?

I'm off in search of soup.....

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