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Monday, January 14, 2008

God is Good

In all of sport, there may be no franchise I despise like the Dallas Cowboys. I find their fans arrogant, their players smug, their owner frightening (he looks like Madam, the puppet that used to be on Solid Gold). Their quarterback, Tony Romo, has never won anything yet he is hyped by the media as the modern day Joe Namath. Sure he's nailing Jessica Simpson but any woman who would have relations with Dane Cook really doesn't qualify as a "catch" does she? Romo is an average quarterback at best. What he does best is choke with the game on the line. Whether its a muffed hold on a potential game winning field goal last year or coming unglued emotionally like he did at the end of yesterday's game, Romo is the Bizarro universes version of a big game quarterback. Heck, even Rex Grossman got a team to the Super Bowl. Certainly he deserves more respect than Romo. Romo made bonehead play after bonehead play while the pressure was on yet had the stones to yell at teammates. I hope Ms. Simpson dumps Romo for Chargers backup QB Billy Volek who played with poise in leading the Chargers to an upset win over the Colts.

No one benefited more from the baseball drug story than Terrell Owens the Cowboys receiver. Barry Bonds allowed TO to quit being public enemy number one. The Cowboys loss and the media's questions on Romo's bye week trip to Mexico with Ms. Simpson led TO to break down in tears after the Cowboys loss. That's right...the man who has made a habit of challenging the manhood of previous teammates Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb cried. God is good. The Cowboys are eliminated and TO cried. What more do you want from a Sunday?

Forecast for Green Bay this Sunday where the Packers will host the Giants calls for a high of 11 degrees. Go Pack go. Me thinks we're looking at a Packers/Patriots Super Bowl. Brett Favre deserves to ride into the sunset with one more Super Bowl win.

Anyone else geeked up to see Cloverfield? That movie looks like its gonna be huge fun.

I watched the series premiere of the Sarah Connor Chronicles last night. While I enjoyed it, I find the idea of a Terminator tv series to be limited in terms of story telling. Its pretty much just the Terminator meets the Fugitive. YAWN.

I don't know anyone who watches Cops or America's Most Wanted. How are these shows still on the air? Whoever they are, I suspect they'll turn out to see the new Rambo movie.

New Jack City star Mario Van Peebles is joining the cast of an ABC soap opera. I realize ya gotta work but wouldn't working at Speedway be better than that?

Panic at the Disco! is no more...they are now just known as Panic at the exclamation mark. In a related note, Yngwie Malmsteen still wants to be known as Yngwie J. Malmsteen.

I have a hard time thinking of a band that had a dumber name than "Pablo Cruise."

The new season of American Idol starts tomorrow. I intend to avoid it at all costs (like I do every year). I find it interesting that the new season starts just as two of the show's winners and one runner up were dropped by their record label. Sales of the first records produced by last year's top two performers are lacking to boot. Did I mention God is good?

Belated thanks to the O.M.O.M. for giving me a sneak peak at the latest American Dog video. As soon as he gives the word, I'll post it here. If you haven't done so, check out his stuff at For the latest on American Dog go to

I'm out...just like the Cowboys in the NFL playoffs....


O.M.O.M. said...

You know your team is choking when there is nearly 4 minutes left on the clock and they show a shot of the Cowboys sidelines and they look like it's a lost cause. I bet Aikman was up in the tv booth ready to put down the latest issue of "Leatherboy Quarterly" and suit up to bring the Cowboys to victory. I'm going to get a copy of TO crying and put it on a permanent loop to play in my basement pub.

On a side note, I think Troy Aikman and Paul Stanley would make an awesome couple.

Go Packers!

I'll give Mario a job as an extra in the next music vid I shoot. The new one will be released on Wednesday, I'll send you a copy of the press release.

E. S. Furniss said...

Leatherboy Quarterly? Isn't that the magazine Rob Halford publishes? Anytime Dallas loses a big game its a cause for celebration. I'm sure Fox will get on the Giants bandwagon now in hopes of scoring that giant (pun intended) NYC tv audience.

The Packers should be America's team. They play in the worst weather and they are owned by the city not some spoiled billionaire. Lambeau Field sits on a road that would remind you of 95 in Marion. Its an amazing place.