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Monday, January 7, 2008

BFF-Resistance is Futile

Do you have the Buckeye Football Fever (BFF) today? I must confess....I do. I love Ohio State football. I love the stadium, the tradition, the band. What I loathe is the constant media hype and Buckeye fans who cannot be the least bit objective. Whether its the Indians, Browns, Blue Jackets or OSU, I'm able to look at the teams I follow and be critical. That ain't the case with Buckeye Nation. Those people drink the Kool Aid. I find that kind of blind loyalty to be scary. But then again, I was brought up Catholic which should be all the explanation you need to understand why zealots frighten me. I hate people who no matter the occasion scream out "O-H....I-O!" Regular readers know how I feel about the way the Columbus media treats the Buckeyes and the university in general. It was with a great sense of relief that I woke to see Mindy Dreyer in New Orleans this morning. If the levees break again in New Orleans it'll be a sign that God wishes to smite her, Cabot Rea, Andrea Cambern and the rest of the pro-bono OSU shills.
But I wake up today hoping OSU wins. More importantly, for the first time since they sealed their third appearance in the ridiculous Bowl Championship Series title game, I think they can win. I expect LSU to stack 8 men on the line to stop Beanie Wells and dare Todd Boeckman to beat them thru the air. If Boeckman can make those plays, OSU will win. I don't think LSU is as fast as Florida was last year, and OSU is bigger along both lines of scrimmage. LSU's Glenn Dorsey will most likely need to be double teamed but the Bucks offensive line should be up to the task.
I've had a hard time getting a feel for this Buckeye team. I agree with the national pundits who say they are in the National Title game due to a weak schedule. But that's a moot point now. The 2002 championship club was a team of destiny. Every break seemed to go their way. Last year's club was just flat out dominant until it got its ass handed to 'em by Florida. This year's team is an enigma. They are probably less talented than the other teams that made it to the BCS title game but that can work to their advantage. They haven't been told all season that they got lucky breaks. They haven't had the distractions of Maurice Clarett or a Heisman Trophy winner. All they've had to do is play football. Tressel seems to have them more focused this time around. But they've never played a team like this before.
In 2002 I thought Miami would end OSU's streak of good luck. I was proven wrong. Last year I thought OSU would blow Florida off the field. Again, I was wrong. This year my heart says OSU but my head tells me LSU. Based on my past history, and that my head is bigger than my heart (hat size 7 1/2) my official prediction is LSU 27 OSU 10. Given the fact that I get everything wrong, that should mean High Street will be alive tonight with the celebration of a Buckeye victory.
Go Bucks!


O.M.O.M. said...

Stupid Monday night championship game. How am I supposed to get my drink on when I have to go to work on Tuesday? Don't they know that the more I drink, the better the Buckeyes play? My BFF level is directly connected to my BAC.

E. S. Furniss said...

I don't understand why they can't play this on the weekend. When OSU beat Miami it was a Friday freaking night. Worked out much so I could watch Dom Tiberi's sublime post game comments until the wee hours of the morning. I'm surprised Dee Stanley and the boys at 6/28 aren't coming on the air until 630pm. I figured it would be all day coverage. Despite the Monday night game, I still suspect that Ohio will have the highest BAC in the USA.

TFO said...

I will be taking Tues off because I'll be contributing to that high BAC...

E. S. Furniss said...

I think if OSU puts up a good performance, win or lose, it'll emerge with its rep intact. Another performance like last year and the Buckeyes become the Buffalo Bills of college football. Would someone tell ESPN to give the Buckeye bashing a rest? Even Hrebstreit has been awfully negative. I think TFO and OMOM need to take him out for drinks.