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Friday, December 7, 2007

That Name Again is Mr Plow

Sorry todays blog was delayed by snow.

Another day, another snow fall. Not a plow in sight. Cars and semi trucks in the ditch. Pickup on my tail the whole way. Kids get another day off from school. Its amazing how 3 inches of snow can paralyze a town. Did you ever notice when it snows that all the other news in the world is just ignored? They could cure cancer and announce the discovery of a pill that burns fat while it thickens and hardens your member but you'd never hear about it if you're local station has 2 billion school delays to repeat ad nauseum.

Oh and a note to the media...Driving a snow plow doesn't make you a "snow warrior." I shovel the crap and you don't hear me going around asking to be called a "snowgun warrior."

I like Will Ferrell...this movie looks like shite:

Y the Last Man is the best comic of the last 10 years....but it will it ever come out as a movie:

Why was Santa such a prick in the Rudolph Xmas special?:

The Grammy nominations were announced yesterday. Not that anyone with taste in music gives a rats ass:

This JJ Abrams Cloverfield movie intrigues me. Check out this ad for Slusho:

Looks like the Hollywood writers strike will never end:

Even I'm starting to get sick of all these Led Zeppelin reunion stories:

Indy 4..I'm there...Jurassic Park 4...not so much:

A Rod is a real dick as a landlord:

Thank Jebus I benched Jason Campbell for this weeks fantasy football playoffs:

Curt Schilling should shut up:

Which hockey clubs are already pushing the panic button?:

Finally here are 10 reasons why the NFL Network and the BCS suck:

Enjoy the weekend campers!

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