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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Snow Daze

First snow of the season, first snow day off from school for the kids. That my friends is when snow is fun...if it can get you out of work or school its fine. Otherwise, its just a nuisance. I've already had to go out and shovel the white crap. So far this morning I've seen 3 tv reporters broadcasting from the Franklin County salt barn, 6 reporters broadcasting from the highway to tell me its snowing, 1 snow plow and 2 cars in the ditch. Winter...I hate it. On the bright side, its just about 2 1/2 months until baseball's spring training starts.

Over the next few days I'll be running as much South Park Xmas video as I can find. Nothing says Christmas like Cartman's anti-Semitic carols or a talking singing piece of poo in a Santa hat.

Yesterday I told you Led Zep and Metallica were rumored to be the headline act at a festival next year. It appears I lied:

Here's the New York Times Top 100 Books of the year:

If you are a tard when it comes to Star Trek, here's an A to Z primer to get ya ready for next year's movie:

If you don't like Robot Chicken, you have no soul:

Here are the 10 worst holiday bad guys and no Jesus isn't on the list:

Will this tv writers strike ever end?:

Adam Brody is the Flash...but this Justice League movie has "suck" written all over it:

This new John C. Reilly movie Walk Hard is gonna be great:

Leave it to Canada to find a way to fight file sharing:

You thought those "make some noise" prompts at an Indians game were bad, the Chinese have taken fan participation to a new level:

Meet the worst sports cities:

Samari Rolle should shut the f up should all the with it already boys (oops!):

Who wouldn't want to bid on Mark Messier's tear stained jersey?:

Thats all I've got...enjoy the snow....and try not to die on the highway.

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