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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Let it Snow in Hell

Why do adults get excited about snow? If you like to ski I can understand it but for those of us who have no desire to go speeding down a snow covered hill, why do you like to see snow? The forecast calls for a couple inches of the white stuff over night. People are all abuzz like winning lottery tickets are about to fall from the sky. I can understand being excited about the snow when you're a kid. There's the chance of a snow day from can build a snowman, go sledding or chuck a few snowballs at a hobo. Snow for me means dangerous driving and manual labor. I hate shoveling the crap and I can't afford a snow blower on my pauper like wages. For office fun this winter play this game: When a severe storm is in the forecast, stroll into your office in the morning and announce you just came from the grocery store and that they are nearly out of bread, milk and bottled water. I guarantee you at least one single mother in your office will freak out and seek permission to be dismissed early in order to stock up for the coming storm. Snow..what is it good for? Absolutely nothin'.

Next time your in Subway if they ask you if you'd like your sub toasted tell them "No thanks, I'm allergic to toast." The look on the sandwich engineer's face is priceless.

Did you catch the end of that Patriots/Ravens game last night? Lots of talk that the game was handed to the Pats and why I'm the first to believe that professional sports are fixed, I don't think that was the case last night. Considering the cheating allegations against the Pats this season, I don't see the NFL looking to help them out. I hate the Patriots and believe Tom Brady should be forced to undergo a vasectomy before he knocks up anymore supermodels. That being said I hate the Ravens more and I'm glad they lost in painful fashion last night.

One day Brett Favre won't be playing football anymore and America's most popular sport will be dominated by prima donna's like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Alex Smith..well not, Alex Smith, he sucks (plus thats the first time anyone has mentioned Alex Smith in the same sentence with Brady and Manning). Favre could have played in any era which to me is about the highest accolade you can give an athlete..he's SI's Sportsmen of the Year:

This is a list the O.M.O.M. and TFO will love...Blender ranks the most recognizable guitars:

Led Zeppelin and you wouldn't go check them out :

Learn all about the first 6 minutes of the new Batman movie:

Yesterday I posted the best Xmas tv specials, here's the 20 worst holiday movies as ranked by EW...Santa Claus the Movie has to be on this list:,,20163370,00.html?xid=rss-CNNHome-20071203-20+worst+holiday+movies

If you wanna know when your fave holiday special is on, here's a handy dandy guide:

Your Columbus Blue Jackets played Santa last night and gave away a game to Dallas. Pascal LeClaire deserved better:

Finally, Pennsylvania's Puerto Rican population forced the Phillies new minor league team to chance the name of the Mascot because "Pork Chop" is offensive to Hispanics:

Guess I'll have to be careful if I ever order pork chops from a Latino butcher or waiter.

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