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Friday, December 14, 2007

Juiced Up

I must confess I've been using performance enhancing steroids since I started this blog. My hope is that it would make me more prolific. Instead its given me man boobs and zits on my back.

So how 'bout that Mitchell Report? Being a cynic nothing surprised me. Like I posted yesterday prior to the report's release, the names in it are just the tip of the iceberg. A couple dozen combined Reds and Indians players made the list. As a Tribe fan I'm relieved to see that none of the big boppers from their resurgence in 90's made the list. Albert Belle may have juiced his bats but his ass stayed needle free. Roger Clemens can't say that. The Rocket is just as pathetic as Barry Bonds. Both were destined for the Hall of Fame before they decided to cheat. Clemens is getting off a heckuva lot easier than Fat Head did:

Ya know who comes out smelling like a rose in this? Pete Rose. Suddenly he doesn't seem as big of a cheater.

The other big story today is the weather. Big snowfall in the forecast. I have no place to be this weekend so I don't care. Let it snow. Should make for some fine football viewing come Sunday when the Browns host the Bills. Northeast Ohio could see a foot of snow. I'll be blogging live from the highway this weekend to let you know what the roads are like and to remind you that its snowing outside. I'll be making history this weekend by conducting the first live blog devoted to snow.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Shame f'd up again. I have no problem inducting John Mellencamp and I'll cut some slack to the Dave Clark Five.....I'll even give a pass to the Ventures. But how do you induct Leonard Cohen and not Warren Zevon? I'll take the Beastie Boys but freaking Madonna? What has Madonna ever done for rock music? NOTHING. The Rock Hall is a joke. No one should go thru its doors until Kiss is admitted entry. I'm not kidding. Kiss has had a greater influence than anyone inducted this year (or most other years). Sign the petition to get Kiss into the Rock Hall here:

Could the late night hosts be coming back?:

Rolling Stone ranks the 100 best songs of 2007:

This new Batman movie is just gonna be killer:

No band made more money on the road this year than the Police:

Save Journeyman!:

I meet a lot of people who just don't understand hockey. Since they don't understand it they attempt then to make fun of it. But since they don't understand it, their attempts to make fun of it fail. If you're gonna bash hockey, please, follow these steps:

That's all I've got...I'm off to get some supplies for my live snow blog this weekend. Remember coming next week is the First Annual BlastFurniss Giant Douche & Turd Sandwich list. Will your favorite douche of the year make it?

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