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Monday, December 3, 2007


Crap. Here we go again. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad Ohio State backed into the BCS National Championship game. They did a heck of a lot better than I thought they would this season. How was I to know at the beginning of the season when I picked them to lose 3 games that 2007 was to be the year of mediocrity in college football? I don't begrudge the OSU players or coaches their accomplishment...what ticks me off about going to the BCS title game is over a month of hype from the Columbus media. From now until January 7th its all BCS bowl talk all the time. You'll be able to start your own OSU football drinking game: every time Clay Hall says "silver bullet defense" drink....Every time Mindy Dreyer says "buckeye nation" drink....Every time someones a story on fake tickets, travel packages or says "sweater vest" you drink. In case of a tie, anytime utters the phrase (or something similar) "Ohio State doesn't rebuild they reload" the first to drink 3 beers and 2 shots wins.

For what its worth, I think OSU is gonna get stomped just like they did earlier this year. All LSU has to do is stop Chris Wells and its game over. Then again, I thought they'd lose 3 games thsi season. Heck, I thought going into last season that Jim Tressel might even get fired.

Before I quit bashing the local media, I guess winter is here. I saw the first reporter standing by the interstate letting me know that I might encounter high wind and a snow flurry. The idiot reporter was holding a wind gauge. The measurement? 8mph with gusts up to 16mph! Why those winds are so strong, your hair might move.

Tried watching that Sci Fi channel reimagining of Wizard of Oz last night..Tin Man? Crap. Don't waste your time. I cashed out in 15 minutes.

Tom Petty is your Super Bowl halftime entertainment:

Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones talk up the Led Zep reunion and teen pregnancy....what? nope..scratch that..they just discuss pregnant teens:

Here's your chance to buy a celebrities unwanted crap:

Evel Knievel is dead...this leaves those who have sex with Britney Spears as our only living daredevils:

If Kevin Smith were casting the Justice League movie, and he's not, he'd cast Michael Keaton as Batman. That's a really good idea...but the idea of George Reeves coming back as Superman? Ain't gonna happen either:

Did you know someone ranked the 100 best Xmas shows of all time?:

Your Columbus Blue Jackets are set to make one of their few national tv appearances tonight (thats good news for the 4 of you who have Versus). December looks to be a big month for the CBJ:

Barry Bonds may be a jerk...but so were these late 19th century baseball players:

I'm off for 72 hours of psychiatric observation....have a great Monday!

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