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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Does Anyone Care About the Mitchell Report?

So today's the day....former Senator George Mitchell unveils his long awaited report on steroid use in baseball. Mitchell is expected to name about 80 players who juiced by name. He's also expected to blame MLB and the MLB Players Association for creating an environment that allowed the drug culture to fester. Well duh....that conclusion was so obvious even Stevie Wonder could have seen that fat fastball coming down the middle of the plate. It was obvious all along that after the 1994 strike that MLB was all too happy to accept cheating as long as it put fans in the seats and drew attention to the game. The players were all too happy to jab needles in their ass because it meant fat paychecks and glory. But there is sure to be a glaring ommission in Mitchell's report: the fans.

Those idiots in San Francisco who cheered on Barry Bonds pursuit of Hank Aaron's record and didn't care that his head was so big it blocked out the're to blame. Fans of St. Louis who worshipped Mark Mcguire with a devoted blind're to blame. For anyone who thought Brady Anderson was just having a great year when he hit 50 homers after never hitting 30 before, you're to blame. MLB, the MLBPA, and the fans of baseball all knew something was going on yet everyone turned a blind eye and just kept forking over the cash. Baseball, as always, had to be dragged kicking and screaming to make the changes necessary to preserving the integrity of the game. For every player to be named in Mitchell's report there are surely 10 more who got away with cheating and their deceit will be lost to history.

Have you seen the new HBO documentary on Don Rickles? Absolutely fascinating viewing. I wish I'd recorded it. Some fantastic stories on everyone from Carson to Benny to Dean Martin and Sinatra. Rickles is one of the last link to an era when stars earned their fame unlike today when people are famous just for being famous.

With the passing of IkeTurner yesterday, O.J. Simpson now inherits the title of America's best known wife beater. Congrats've earned it!

Ya gotta hand it to the Democrats...they really know how to alienate their base. Looks like after being elected to bring the war in Iraq to an end they are gonna go ahead and vote to give Bush $70 billion more to throw away. Not only is it time to stop fighting the war in Iraq, its time to end the war on drugs. $50 million spent this year and for what? Its just wasted moeny and it makes sense to use the money on me.

Speaking of wasted money...Forbes has a list of the most overpaid celebrities (thats gonna be a long long list):

Anyone who thinks they are gonna be able to find a Nintendo Wii before Xmas probably still believes in Santa Claus too:

Did the Grinch steal the Led Zep reunion clips on YouTube?:

There is a release date for the Flight of the Conchords cd:

I never write about soccer. And with good reason, it sucks! But how can you resist a soccer coach who is willing to promote his fascist beliefs?:

A dude is trying to set a record for most time spent in a snowglobe:

I can't believe I just linked to a story about a guy living in a snowglobe. I'm off for burritos.

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