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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

School Levy Denial Day

Its Election Day kids...or as I call it, lets screw the kids day (settle down NAMBLA members..I don't mean it like that). I never vote for school levies. Don't believe in it. Once the state decides to overhaul its current funding system I'll consider it but as things stand now a "yes" vote for any levy just enables our crappy state legislature to stand by and do nothing.

How 'bout that Oprah Winfrey scandal. Shame what happened to the kids at her school in South Africa. I mean that sincerely. But that blowhard douchebag Oprah has been so full for so many years, her arrogance was bound to lead to something like this. Ya didn't see Phil Donahue starting up a school. Jerry Springer only set up a school for aspiring strippers. If you're clueless about the Oprah scandal, read it here:

Still recovering from the Springsteen show the other night. The boy and I were right up by the stage directly in front of Steve and Patti. Seen the Boss more times than I can count and this was possibly the best show ever. Setlist was great and the band never sounded better. Head over to for a video clip of Girls in their Summer Clothes from the Cleveland show. Can't wait to see the E Street Band again in the Spring on the 2nd leg of the tour.

How are you holding up during the Hollywood writers strike? As a union guy, this story warms my heart. Its a definite plus for the writers when Hollywood stars refuse to cross picket lines:

Lost producer and killer comic writer Brian K. Vaughn explains why the writers are on strike:

Here's the very funny Judd Apatow's take on the strike:

Variety has even put up a writers strike blog...which is pretty entertaining...more entertaining than tv will be in a few weeks anyway:

Take a look at the new Iron Man trailer:

How well do you know rock music? Take this quiz and find out:

Send the women in your life to a girls only rock n' roll fantasy camp:

This is funny...Barbara Walters hates Paul McCartney's one legged women:

This sports story is probably NOT SAFE FOR WORK...lets just say it involves 19 year old cheerleaders...:

The Famous Moolah, who wrestled in an era before steroids and killing your children became all the rage among wrestlers, has died:

Further proof that athletes are Mike Cameron and the NHL players most likely to imitate him:

Thats all I've got....I'm going out to unionize bloggers

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