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Friday, November 30, 2007

Lee Majors Is Tougher Than You Are

I'm shocked, SHOCKED, that its come out that there are fake profiles on Facebook that are set up for nothing more than product placement (. honestly if your social life consists of adding friends to your MySpace page or surfing thru Facebook profiles, you deserve to be duped (except for that teenage girl in St. Louis who killed herself...the adults responsible for her suicide ought to be dragged from the back of a truck). I'm an old guy...I have good reason to be jaded by the human race and to find detached ways in which to interact with mankind. What kind of social skills are these MySpace and Facebook users developing? I'm lucky we didn't have the internets when I was a kid. I might not have ever left the house. Back away from the PC kids. Quit surfing for porn and meet real girls. Make some real friends. Oh and kids...while you're at it...put down the Guitar Hero controller and learn to play a Les Paul...what the world needs now more than ever, is a real Guitar Hero.

Best Xmas movie ever? Bill Murray's Scrooged. That opening scene with Lee Majors kills me everytime I see it.

That Seth Rogen is a funny dude. He'll make a fine Green Hornet:

Thrill to the best and worst movie tie ins of the year:,1,6649639.photogallery?coll=la-headlines-entnews&ctrack=1&cset=true

How's come Mel Gibson didn't authorize action figures from his movie the Passion?

Could this be an early gift from Santa? Could the new Bionic Woman be getting cancelled?

Other than beating a hobo with a hammer is there any better way to pass the time than playing the dead, not dead game?:

They sure are viral marketing the hell outta the new Batman flick:

Considering today is the last day of November shouldn't this list actually be called the best 50 films of the first 11 months of 2007?:

If Axl Rose released records like he fought fires Chinese Democracy might have seen the light of day by now:

More details emerge on the sad death of Kevin DuBrow:

Am I the only one who finds something unnatural about Paul Rodgers singing with Queen?:

Why do the Olympics need a mascot? They always suck:

Don't ever mess with fans of Australian rules football:

If you didn't see the Packers/Cowboys game last night, and most of you didn't since it was on the NFL Network..Here's what you missed:

Why is it that the Blue Jackets never take their offense with them to Western Canada?:;_ylt=AoNFt6Xwf.YWvFy8bdWDs.w5nYcB?gid=2007112922&prov=ap

Have a swell weekend kids.........


TFO said...

Scrooged is an excellent Xmas movie...however, I think that one of the best Xmas movies of all time is the orginal Die Hard.

That's the last time I pick the Packers for an upset victory! Farve - what a p*$$y! I should have know not to root against Dallas at home.

Hey, I did pretty good on the celebrity dead-or-alive trivia game...I only missed 4.

E. S. Furniss said...

I only missed two. Albert Finney and Ruby Dee tripped me up. For what its worth, they are both dead to me.

Die Hard is an excellent Xmas movie. We should all keep the spirit of Alan Rickman's Franz in our hearts this Xmas season and rob a Japanese owned business.

TFO...President of the Brett Favre fanclub.

TFO said...

I only recognized about 12 movies on that top 50 list...Knocked Up really, really sucked...that's two hours of my life I wish I had back.

I didn't realize that Kevin DuBrow had TWO girlfriends...poor bastard, that's probably what killed him...

E. S. Furniss said...

A lot of those films I'd never heard of either. I loved Knocked Up. Thought that was a hoot. I can only guess you were fighting off the Ebola virus while you were watching it.

I thought the same thing about DuBrow. One woman is hard enough but two? Sure there are somethings two women would be good for but not in a long term relationship sense.