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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

An all too quiet riot

While the mainstream media is jammed up this morning with stories on the death of Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor, I'm still bumming about the death of Quiet Riot frontman Kevin DuBrow. I can only attribute my mourning to the natural emotions rational people experience in relation to death and to my own selfishness. DuBrow's death has left me feeling incredibly old and mortal. I've been fortunate in that I haven't had too much personal experience with death. Obviously, I'm still alive (or typing this from the great beyond which would be damn me the Ghost Blogger!).All my immediate family is still kickin'. My grandparents had the decency to die before I was born thus sparing me the trauma of their passing during my lifetime. So since no one close to me ever bothers to die (and I thank you for that), I'm left to mourn the metal gods of my youth.

I've been shocked that the internet chat concerning DuBrow has been overwhelmingly positive. This is a guy who at the height of his fame made a habit of slagging other bands. His controversial statements adorned the cover of all the metal mags of the early 80's (O.M.O.M. you may have my complete collections of Metal Edge, Hit Parader, Circus and Kerrang upon my passing). While he went about it the wrong way, DuBrow was right back then. Without Quiet Riot and Metal Health going to number one on the album charts, bands like Motley Crue, Ratt and Poison may have never been signed or if signed, not promoted like they were. Among the cyber mourners I've seen so far are LA Guns Tracii Guns, who posted over at Metal Sludge, and Glenn Hughes, who shares his thoughts over at

So Kevin DuBrow, Sean Taylor.....we need a third celeb to complete the death trinity. I'd like to place my bet on comedian Rush Limbaugh (hey a guy can dream can't he?).

What's up with all the new music documentaries? And why is the Decline and Fall of Western Civilization the Metal Years out on DVD?:

Its that time of the year already where the "best of" lists come out. I think of the 100 records on this best of 2007, I own 2:

Try as I might, I just can't get used to Dee Snider joining the ranks of Andy Williams, Perry Como and Johnny Mathis as Xmas time vocalists:

Bruce Springsteen and Win Butler share the cover of the new issue of Spin:

I've been told the Wire is one of the best shows on TV. This was said to me by the one person who has actually seen it. What if the Wire had starred sports personalities instead of Mark Wahlberg's co-star from Rock Star?:

For those of you who were missing new episodes of Last Call with Carson Daly, worry no more, its back (and writer free):

In news that can only mean the writers strike is gonna end soon Chuck and Life, my fave new show of the season, have been renewed for a full season:

How can ya have a Food Network without Emeril?:

West Virginia, the state that perfected inbreeding, now has a minor league baseball team that is making no attempt to hide its racist nickname...get your white Power jersey here:

Oh but wait...don't miss out on the chance to get your black Power pullover:

I'm wondering if the Power schedule will feature such promotions as drag a black man from the back of your car night or if they'll hand out free hoods to the first 1000 fans. I bet David Duke throws out the first pitch.....

Stomp your hands, clap your feet.

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