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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Vinnie Vincent Invasion-

I must confess, the first Vinnie Vincent Invasion record with the legendary Robert Fleischman (what you don't remember Bob Fleischman?)remains a guilty pleasure of mine Its horrible but yet quite fun. Vinnie, kook that he is, sacks Bob before their first tour and hires Mark Slaughter to replace him. Slaughter of course repays the act of kindness by taking over the band and forming the even more repulsive, Slaughter. Vinnie Vincent went to on to sue Kiss a couple times, help out on the Revenge record, and now manages a Fat Burger in El Segundo. Your Rocktober feature artist is the Vinnie Vincent Invasion.


O.M.O.M. said...

I saw VVI at the Newport many moons ago, a guy named Doug and I tried to steal Vinnie's guitar from him mid solo. I'll never forget the look on VV's face as he engaged in a tug of war with us over his signature Randy Rhodes rip-off model. We let go when a giant roadie ran out to thump us, Vinnie went flying backwards, ran into his Marshall stack (which kept him from falling on his arse) and proceeded to slam his geetar into the amps like it was all planned. Good times.

We met Vinnie after the show and he was surprsingly good natured about the whole thing, he saw us, laughed and jokingly thanked us for adding to the show. He did say that his guitar tech wanted to strangle us as we screwed up the tuning and EQ on said axe. He showed no signs of being the putz that everyone claims he is/was.

E. S. Furniss said...

I had a roommate in college who spent his whole lunch hour in line at a Cleveland area mall just so he could tell Vinnie that he thought he was a fag and his guitar playing sucked. Thought that was a bit much.

I think Vinnie was probably always best suited to be a studio sideman and a songwriter for hire. I don't think his personality allows him to work in a band format. I don't blame him for holding a grudge against Gene and Paul I would have too if I'd been forced to wear that Ankh makeup.