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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Tidbits

I've mentioned time and again how underwhelming the crop of contenders for the 2008 Presidential election is. While I hold out hope that Al Gore reconsiders and decides to run (and there's a great story on that here ), in the meantime, I have decided to back John Edwards. There's a link to his website off with the other things that don't suck links. Feel free to take a gander at his positions on the war (says he'll get troops out within 9 months of taking office , health care (everyone covered), and all his other positions which favor working class America. My endorsement means nothing to the success or failure of the Edwards campaign but I also wanted to endorse something (and now I have). I'd also like to endorse Dunkin' Donuts, General Mills cereals, BMW automobiles, and the Sonly Playstation 3 so corporate overlords if you're listening, give me free stuff and I'll endorse your crap.

Speaking of endorsements, feel free to click on the ad links. Go do it now...I'll wait.

As for the war that never ends, changes are coming that would leave the Army taking care of things in Iraq while the Marines get Afghanistan:

A newspaper in Washington honors its war long before comedian Rush Limbaugh and lunatic Bill O'Reilly start whining about them being exploited?:

If your Mom threw out your comics when you moved out of the house, here's a reason to hate her for doing so:

Speaking of comics, you can still get a piece of 24 Hour Comics Day:

What do Trek geeks think about the JJ Abrams Trek movie?:,1,6574674.story?coll=la-headlines-entnews&ctrack=1&cset=true

Has your favorite tv show become unwatchable?:

Is this your pick for the sexiest woman alive?:

Just in time for Halloween here's a list of the best reviewed horror flicks of all time:

Proof there is no God...the Eagles look likely to play the Super Bowl

Bret Michaels will be back for another season of Rock of Love next year on VH1.

Bruce Springsteens Magic debuts at number one moving 335,000 copies in the first week. Thats down from 525,000 the Rising scored in its first week.

If, like me, you missed Van Halen's stop in Cleveland, here's a link to see them in rocks:

The Rockies and Dbacks open up the NLCS tonight. I'm taking the Rockies in 6.

Here's what happens when you mix Notre Dame with the Bud Light Real Men of Genius guys:

Missing Joe Morgan? Me neither.:

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