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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Start Spreadin' the News

A picture is worth a thousand words and to save you time I'll condense Joe Torre's words to just this "Ah, Crap!" Indians 6 Yankees 4. Bring on the Red Sox.
The Tribe jumped on the Yanks early and often then held on for the win. While the New York media wants to continue to blame the invasion of the bugs in game 2 for the Yanks losing the ALDS and Yankee players like Johnny Damon refuse to acknowledge that the Indians are the superior club, only a fool (I'm talking to you TBS announcing crew) can't see that the Yankees are an old, tired, overpaid, unmotivated team with absolutely ZERO pitching.
Sure Joe Torre is a class act and its sad that he's gonna get canned but hey, just like Anakin Skywalker he knew what he was getting into when he went to work for the Emperor. So if you ever wondered what 200 million dollars buys it gets you this....a 4 game ass whipping from the Cleveland Indians. Paul Byrd got out of jam after jam, Grady Sizemore showed a national audience what Cleveland fans have known for ages that he is a superstar in waiting. Jhonny Peralta and Casey Blake outplayed the vaunted Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez (while making about 50 million less a year).
Game 1 of the ALCS is Friday night in Boston.
Changing gears....its crap like this that will cost the Democrats the White House in 2008. When will they learn that they are expected to be the opposition party?:
The Bush Administrations inability to keep its collective mouth shut has resulted in a MAJOR setback in the "war on terror" (or as Borat more accurately called it "war of terror"):
John Edwards doesn't intend to make things easy for Hillary:
Tracy Morgan better realize soon that he'll never have a better part than the one he has on 30 Rock. If he screws this up he'll be making direct to dvd buddy flicks with Cuba Gooding Jr. You remember Academy Award winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. don't ya?:
Interested in buying something from Ozzy Osbournes yard sale?:
Andy Summers says there could be a new Police record in the works:;_ylt=AkkV6N2WACXxaaFHFc5MVW1xFb8C
Speaking of the Police, Sting tops Blenders list of the worst lyricists:
First it was Rocklahoma, then it was the Poison/Ratt tour, then it was the ratings hit that was Rock of comes credibility from the mainstream press....Time has a story on how 80's hair bands are keeping the concert industry afloat:,8599,1668917,00.html
If, like Unky Rory, you're afraid you're gonna miss out on Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band this fall, Little Steven says expect more tour dates in the Spring.
If the media runs or prints one more story on JLo being pregnant I'm sending every media outlet a bag of poop in protest. JLo is a no talent assclown with a big azz.
Come and visit the new and improved Gatorland:
Remember being a kid and flipping thru catalogs at Christmas time in order to present your parents (or Santa) with the most comprehensive Xmas toy list? Well someone with even less of a life than me has scanned those old catalogs. Take a catalog trip thru yesteryear:
Here's the hockey scores ya missed while you were busy yelling at Chip Carey to shut the f up last night:
Chip Carey makes me yearn for Tim McCarver thats how much Carey sucks.
Lets give the gang at the Diatribe the final word on the ALDS:
Now go forth and spread the word...the evil empire has been driven from the land....the dark lord Steinbrenner and his minions of the unholy have been vanquished by knights wearing the face of indigenous people and wielding Louisville Sluggers. Tell the world...Its Tribe Time Now.


O.M.O.M. said...

Good luck to the Tribe!

Anymore, I listen to music and turn the sound down on televised sporting events. I tend to want to smash my TV when the talking doofuses (doofi?) ramble on like idiots.

E. S. Furniss said...

Speaking of listening to music, please give your review of last weekends Rhino Bucket/American Dog show