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Friday, October 26, 2007

Staph Infection Friday

So far so kiler Staph SARS, no bird flu or leprosy. Folks in my little cow town are freaking out over the outbreak of MRSA. Suddenly we're finding out more people die of staph infections in America than AIDS. Why weren't we informed of this earlier? Imagine what this news would mean to the condom industry...Trojan stock would go flacid. Condoms? Screw that I'm buying the full hazmat suit!

Ron Paul is a lunatic. But man is he fun to watch. I disagree with nearly everything he believes in except his antiwar stance. Yet, despite that I respect the man. He says what he believes and he believes what he says and how many politicians can ya say that about? Ron Paul is getting ready to unleash a million dollar ad blitz...Fear Ron Paul!:

Why is the wildfire in California considered to be arson and not an act of terrorism?:,0,6865198.story?coll=la-home-center

This month is National Pork Month...Next month is National Novel Month. Just thought you'd like to know:

Quite possibly the dumbest idea for a tv show since Supertrain:

Lost's Jin may wanna change his name go Gin after getting picked up for DUI:

AMC and SCI FI are cooking up some new geek friendly shows:

I'm fortunate that my kids enjoy watching old classic horror movies with matter how cheesy they might look now:

This JLA movie looks like shite:

I"m gonna have to go see this on the big screen:

Rolling Stone has a great gallery of rock star mug shots. I love the one where Ozzy is sporting a St. Louis Blues jersey:

Say goodbye to Madison Square Garden:

If you thought I took the Indians dropping the ALCS to Boston hard, thats nothing compared to this guy:

Pardon the Interruption but Michael Wilbon is on the run from the law:

Where and When will the Chargers play this weekend?

Its still early in the season but your Columbus Blue Jackets are looking like a professional hockey team. Who knew Pascal Leclaire was gonna turn into Patrick Roy?:

Finally, when will women and monkeys learn to get along?:,2933,304747,00.html

Thats all I've got...I'm off to get my Dumbledore tat removed.

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