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Monday, October 1, 2007

Rocktober is here.

These are good days....the Browns destroyed the hated Baltimore Ravens yesterday, the Indians face the Yankees in the playoffs on Thursday, NHL season is underway and the new Springsteen cd comes out tomorrow....and best of all its Rocktober. All month long I'll find videos from bands who have nothing in common and post them on the blog. Today's Rocktober feature artists are Gene Vincent and King Diamond.

Watched the Springsteen appearance on last Friday's Today Show over the weekend. Band sounded great but I gotta say, the Boss is definitely looking all of his 58 years. A post I read online said the man looked positively scary on the HD broadcast (who doesn't look awful in HD?). The new record is amazing, the tour starts tomorrow (and the boots I've heard are great) and the New York Times dedicated 3 pages to the man yesterday:

Spent a lot of quality time watching television this weekend (thanks to the wonders of my DVR). Journeyman, Bionic Woman and Life are all quality new programs and I plan to keep watching them. I'm a sucker for time travel, hot cyborg chicks and kooky cop stories. Perhaps my fave new show is the Kevin Smith produced Reaper. The pilot was well written and Ray Wise as the Devil is a hoot. I'm gonna give Aliens in America a shot tonight and I'm also anxious to see Pushing Daisies. Started to watch Ken Burns the War as well and is amazing. Gonna have to plunk down the 79 bucks and get it on DVD.

Shows what I know....I thought George Michael was dead...turns out he's just on ABC:

RIP Lois Maxwell. The original Moneypenny in the Bond flicks has died:

I boycotted the season premiere of SNL out of protest. LeBron James may have taken the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals...he may be the best athlete to hit Cleveland since Jim Brown, he may crap out more money in a single bowel movement then I make all year...but LeBron made a huge PR blunder last week when he said he'd be rooting for the Yankees to beat the Indians in the playoffs. LeBron is not only stupid but according to this review, he's a lousy host:

Further proof of why no one should feel bad for that whore Britney Spears...she actually tracks the paparazzi so she can guarantee herself some press time. Pathetic. By the way, I'm going with January 16 2008 for my prediction of Britney's death...cause of death will be a lethal mix of drugs and booze....:,CST-FTR-zp01.article

Whats worse, the fact that Steve Guttenberg is writing a memoir or the fact that someone is willing to publish it? I'd have more interest in reading a bio on that sound effects guy from the Police Academy movies. Maybe we'll find out if the Stonecutters are in fact responsible for Steve's career:

This is why Radiohead is so well respected...they let their fans determine the pricing of their records:

If you were one of the 1 million people entered in the Led Zeppelin ticket lottery, you'll find out today if you're one of the 20,000 winners.

Bret Michaels finds true love.....and it has pink hair. The Poison front man picked a winner last night in the finale of Rock of Love:

I have to say, this baseball season was one of the best in recent memory. You have the Bonds home run record (if you hit 756 and no one cares is it still a record?), ARod bashing them left and right, The Rocket taking surely his final trip, the Indians surprising division crown, the Cubs, the Dbacks, the collapse of the Mets and todays one game playoff between the Rockies and Padres:

I hate all New York teams (except for the Jets....and thats only cuz of Joe Namath) so I take great joy from the epic collapse of the Mets:

I'm going with an Indians vs Cubs World Series. I think the Yankees pitching is week, I think the Bo Sox are running on fumes and I think its time one of these long suffering teams wins a World Series. I can't be objective when it comes to the Indians in the post season. This is the year....your 2007 World Series Champion Cleveland Indians.....

I'm glad I'm not alone in not being able to get into the opening NHL games from London over the weekend:

Bengals take on the Patriots on ESPN's Monday Night Football (still can't get used to it not being on ABC)....Pats smack the Cats in prime time.

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