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Friday, October 5, 2007


Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow. 2-1 Tribe in 11 innings. Wow. Fausto F'ing Carmona. Wow. Invasion of the gnats, bugs, Canadian Soldiers (Canada has an army?) and other flying critters. Wow. Joba's breakdown. ARod sucks. Kenny F'ing Lofton. Wow. Indians blowing opportunity after opportunity to put the game away until the bottom of the 11th with the bases loaded and two out....PRONK! Indians up 2 games to none. Amazing. Spectacular. Wow. Bring on game 3 and lets wrap this thing up Sunday night in NYC.


TFO said...

How about that Yankee pitching...I don't think I've seen more past balls or pitches thrown in the dirt since I played little league. (blame the bugs, I guess) That was a hell of a game... I think the Tribe blew too many opportunities though, the game shouldn't have went as long as it did. However, Hafner was so overdue, I can't think of a better was to end the game. It's always nice to see the Yanks lose. GO TRIBE!!

On a side note, the CBJ defeated the Stanley Cup Champions 4-0. Nash had a good game and if he keeps putting up those number he should have a good season. No one probably saw it due to the Tribe being on TBS. I am still not convinced - I firmly believe they will still suck.

E. S. Furniss said...

The Tribe did miss a lot of opportunities but found a way to pull it out. This was the kind of game they would have lost prior to mid August.

I saw a bit of the Jackets during commercial breaks. Its hard to get a feel after one game although the Dispatch today seems to think beating a jet lagged Ducks team is a sign of better days ahead. I think the CBJ is gonna suck too...almost as much as those new jerseys. YIKES. Those don't look good at all. I hope if nothing else last night was the reemergence of Rick Nash as a scoring machine.