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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

One More to Go

Who is the pinhead that decided an off day would be a good idea during the ALCS? I'm looking at you Bud Selig! After a 7-3 victory last night the Indians first American League pennant since 1997 will have to wait until tomorrow thanks to todays scheduled off day. Terry Francona's decision to go with Tim Wakefield last night over Josh Beckett on 3 days rest may turn out to be a colossal mistake for the Red Sox. Then again, given that no Sox starter than Beckett has gone 5 innings in the ALCS it probably would make no difference. I really don't see C.C. Sabathia, the Indians game 5 starter, making a 3rd bad start in a row tomorrow. I stand by my original prediction of Tribe in 5. Paul Byrd was amazing last night. The Tribe bats waited for Tim Wakefield to have his patented meltdown and when he did they pounced on him. If you missed last nights game you can read all about it here:

What was the deal with Manny Ramirez last night? He hits a homer to cut it to 7-3 and gloats like he's just won the 7th game of the World Series. I'd advise Manny that when he faces the Indians pitching staff again in the regular season to duck. Someone is gonna remember what he did and put a ball in his ear. For the record, I'm not the only who thinks the Sox look like a beaten team:

Here's a perfect example of what's wrong with this country. Our elected leaders are wasting their time and our money pushing a resolution to condemn something that happened 100 years ago:

Oh and in case you missed it, the Turks are gonna invade Iraq. I f you thought things couldn't get much worse, you were wrong:

Dateline NBC oughta stick to child molesters. Why was Matt Lauer so nice to Idaho Senator Larry Craig? Is he hoping to hook up with him in an airport bathroom someday?:

Did we really need a Terminator TV series?:

I do think we need a Star Wars tv series however:,0,6734523.story?coll=la-home-center

2 more weeks to Halloween and AMC's Monsterfest doesn't look like its gonna suck this year:

I don't know if this chick is Wonder Woman but she's hot:

Speaking of geek movie casting, I gotta say by looks alone, I think JJ Abrams made a mistake on this one. I'm just not seeing Dr. McCoy in this dude:

Ellen Degeneres weeping over a dog? I'd expect that kinda behavior out of a male homosexual but out of a lesbian? Shatter my stereotypes!:

Why is Francis Ford Coppola smacking the hands that fed him?:

Alan Moore, who along with Frank Miller is probably the greatest comic book writer ever, has a new graphic novel coming out. Preview it here:,,20152452,00.html

Sample the new Neil Young record here:

Say it ain't so....Bret Michaels Rock of Love was fixed? A reality tv show that isn't real? How dare they!:

Could Led Zeppelin be producing new music?:

Here's further proof of why it sucks to be a Cubs fan:

You wanted got it...the NHL Network is set to invade American tv airwaves...All 3 of the NHL's American fans rejoice!:

Maybe the Bengals oughta try do you slow down your rival? Put toothpicks in their field:

Finally to close out today's post I leave you with actual dialog from Fox's Monday night broadcast of the Indians/Red Sox game

McCarver: When a catcher has to use his thumb to give signs, that means the pitcher has more than four pitches
Buck: Or five...more than five
McCarver: Has more than four...
Buck: Oh yeah, you're right.

Special thanks to Unsilent Majority for the transcription.


O.M.O.M. said...

My favorite Tim McCarver moment was when Deon Sanders dumped a bucket of gatorade on an unsuspecting McCarver. Never cared for Deon as a football player but after that stunt he earned a lifetime pass from me as a ball player.

That Ellen D. Clip cracks me up, the Iron Sheik needs to humble her asap.

O.M.O.M. said...

I meant that Deon earned a lifetime pass as a baseballer, he still annoys me as a football star and announcer.

E. S. Furniss said...

Deion Sanders was a talented athlete but I do not understand why he continues to find work as a broadcaster. He's inarticulate and flat out stupid. If memory serves, Deion came out in defense of Mike Vick. You're right the drenching of McCarver was priceless. I remember McCarver just berating him for it. I think that was back when Deion was still a two sport star.

Ellen D. is ruining the reputation of bull dykes everywhere. Its bad enough she's not wearing flannel now she's demonstrating sensitivity? How dare she. She's gonna make it tough for society to recoginize bull dykes