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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Modell Still Sucks

Just found someone in one of my classes has the much publicized MRSA infection. If the blog isn't updated its not that I'm lazy, its that I'm dead.

Some people can hold their breath longer than others. Some people can hold water longer. What I can hold longer than most people is a grudge. For instance, I hate Art Modell. I see the man and wish pain and misery upon him. Petty? I don't think so. Granted its been 12 years since Modell ripped out my heart and took football away from Cleveland (for 3 long years) but I remember it like it was yesterday. Yesterday while surfing the net I came across this story,0,222139.story and it made by blood boil.

First I sent an email to the jackass who wrote it and asked if he was a member of the Modell family. Then I went about setting the record straight on the type of person Art Modell is. I was horrified at the historical revisionism taking place concerning Art Modell. The hack who wrote this piece also took a shot at Tony Grossi, the Browns beat reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. A few years ago Modell was nominated for election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Grossi, who gets to vote on who gets in, delivered a passionate presentation on why Modell didn't deserve to go in . I reminded the writer that Modell sold his soul and his place in the Hall when he moved the team and that Art has no one but himself to blame for that. I then had some fun making comments about the article on the Baltimore Sun's website which you can look for here (if you so desire):

Wife getting on you to go away for the romantic weekend? Take her to a haunted hotel:

I make fun of the tv news people but I gotta say, that Bob Woodruff is one tough mothertrucker:

Scrubs is still on? I thought that show went off the air during the Clinton administration:

What is the world coming to? Now we have chefs who plagiarize....:

Hopefully this news means Bionic Woman is gonna get more interesting and FAST:

The latest in viral marketing for the new Batman movie is here:

TFO's favorite band, Simply Red, is calling it a day..but not till 2009...thanks for the advance notice boys:

How many bands get an alley named after them?:

Jamie Lee Curtis...actress, wife, mother, wildfire expert:

Why do I have a feeling my kid could attend college here?:,1,5190369.story?coll=la-headlines-entnews

Mickey Spillane is a zombie:

Blackie Lawless should be happy people are still coming to see his washed up forgotten band. Why the need to take their cameras Blackie? You don't have a soul left to steal:

Michael Anthony says he's "fine" with his Van Halen free life...Of course, he gave this interview while standing on the ledge of a high rise:

Who wants to have Thanksgiving dinner with the prince of darkness?:

The guy who sang the theme to Star Trek Enterprise is in bad shape:;_ylt=ApkxfkNB0L0PuFhb3bOKTA2VEhkF

Why the fuss over the Eagles exclusive deal with Wal Mart?:

Can Versus save televised sports?:

I hear they started the World Series last night. I'm still in mourning over the Indians getting wiped out by the white man and anymore exposure to Dane Cook and Joe Buck will result in me committing a hate crime against Dane Cook and Joe Buck. If you missed the game, here's what you missed:

Meet the dumbass who wishes he'd never got that Dumbledore tattoo:,23739,22640695-5013016,00.html?from=mostpop

I got nothing to top that plus I'm dying of MRSA....see you in another life brother.

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