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Monday, October 29, 2007

King of the Lame Weekend

I've crowned myself King of the Lame Weekend....Each weekend I do nothing. This past weekend was a spectacular exhibition in killing time until deaths' sweet release. I'm getting quite good at it. The highlight of my weekend? Watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine on DVD. I really need to take up an interesting drug abuse or clubbing hobos. I have wasted my life. I really figured by this point in my life I'd be driving across the country in a van solving mysteries. Next weekend will be more entertaining. Have the Springsteen concert on Sunday and I'm considering going to this on Friday:

We live in a Porter Waggoner free world. The country singer died of lung cancer over the weekend. I couldn't tell you a single song the man sung but years of therapy will not remove the scars caused by the glitzy outfits he used to wear on tv. Enuff Znuff drummer Ricky Parent also died of cancer (colon) over the weekend. NBC news reporter Jim Cummins also died of cancer this weekend so the triad of dead celebrities is complete. Get your bets in now for the next 3 to die...My money is on Walter Cronkite, Kirk Douglas and Britney Spears (hey, a man's gotta dream).

Doesn't the "Chess Board" killer sound like something out of a movie?:

What ever happened to all those faith and values voters?:

If you happen to be an evangelical (and if you are why are you reading this blog?), and you find Halloween candy to be too devilish, here's some Jesus approved snacks for you to consume:

I didn't realize people actually took the time to rate t-shirts:

There are more episodes in store for Reaper:,0,388155.story?coll=zap-news-headlines

I love tv. Like Bart Simpson, it practically raised me. The thought of the writers going on strike and bringing a stop to it is like a parent abandoning an infant. I'd rather be strapped into my car seat and driven off a pier than live in a world without sweet mother tv:

The Green Lantern movie has a director:

I like William Shatner. In fact, I like William Shatner a lot. I'd like him more if he'd just shut up about not being included in the new Star Trek movie:;_ylt=AhWEeKdXmoysX7KMIGYt7sdxFb8C

What do you expect from something you can only buy at Walmart? The new Eagles record sucks:

Wait...there is actually a record for most people playing a Bob Dylan song at once?:

I support anyone who sues Clear Channel:

Michael Jackson stands to lose the house he probably molested Webster in:

If ya missed 'em Swervedriver has reformed.....of course Ace of Base has also reformed. Maybe it would be more newsorthy if a band decided not to reform:

If ya got nothing to do tonight, and you don't mind driving to Poughkeepsie, donut pitchman and Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley is playing an "unannounced" show. Excuse me...dude who wrote the article..If its unannounced, how do we know about it then?:

Well, I guess its safe to say the curse of Babe Ruth is over in Boston. Bastards. Hate them so much. I hope Manny Ramirez spills a piping hot bowl of chowder over his lap and burns his balls:

Here's what to watch for in this baseball offseason:

Of course, the Yankees couldn't live with the Red Sox owning October's spotlight so they had to do what the could to steal it. What do ya wanna bet that there are folks in NYC today hoping ARod becomes the next Cory Lidle?:

Chris Chelios is an amazing athlete. Not only is he America's last Revolutionary War veteran, he has played professional hockey since the Ice Age. Now he faces libel charges. If I'm Chelios, I argue senility:

Directv gave me a tease on Friday night of the NHL Network (or as its called in some circles...the network that has lower ratings than BET). I'm hoping they give plenty of coverage to your suddenly mighty Columbus Blue Jackets. You do realize if the season ended today the CBJ would be in the playoffs. Of course, the season just started 3 weeks ago and runs until April.

Another reason to hate the Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo likes to hang out with Britney Spears:

The wife of Orgeon's head coach is one scary lady....and so is her

Fearless prediction...the Browns are going to the playoffs.

Thats all I've got...try the veal.


O.M.O.M. said...

ES, I will be at the Friday night shindig at Promowest (I refuse to call it the LC). I hope to see you there.

E. S. Furniss said...

I too refuse to refer to is as LC (sounds like a cafeteria) or Lifestyles (sounds like a condom). I wasn't sure I'd be able to go and I suspect my chance at free tix has now passed me by. I suppose I can plunk down the whopping 5 buck cover tho!
Sounds like as much fun as Ace Frehley in Poughkeepsie.

O.M.O.M. said...

If you wanna freebie ticket, let me know, I'll see what I can snag.