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Friday, October 12, 2007

Its 1995 All Over Again

At least I hope its 1995 all over again. Look at that picture over there...Eddie Murray, Orel Hershiser, Omar Vizquel....some of the greatest players to ever wear a Chief Wahoo cap. Its the dumb guy extending his hand to Murray that scares me...Manny Ramirez. Of course the Tribe took it to the Boston Red Sox in the ALDS back in 1995. The did it again in 1998 but in 1999 with the Tribe up 2-0, the wheels came off and the Sox knocked the Tribe out of the playoffs and put Mike Hargrove on the unemployment line. The last links to those playoff battles are Ramirez, who battled injuries most of the year and Kenny Lofton (thats him on the left with the high and tight fade).
Being as objective as possible, this is an evenly matched series between two teams who each had 96 wins during the regular season and feature top notch pitching staffs. Tonights matchup with Josh Beckett and C.C. Sabathia could be one for the ages. On paper you'd have to say the Bo Sox have a superior lineup. So for this series to go the Indians its gonna come down to intangibles. The Red Sox didn't collapse like the Mets did but they sure didn't go into the postseason playing their best baseball. The Indians did. The Red Sox have some question marks with their rotation right now...Dice K has thrown a ton of innings and seems to be wearing down (the Angels lit him up in the ALDS) and Tim Wakefield has a bad back and missed the ALDS. The Tribe is completely healthy. The Red Sox swept the Angels in the ALDS but that sweep is misleading when you consider the Angels were devastated by injury. The Indians meanwhile beat the Yankees like an unruly child. This is the Indians year. I'm going with the Tribe in five.
Don't you think God is angry at the Red Sox anyway? He lets them win the World Series in 2004 and this is how he's repaid? With a Jimmy Fallon movie about the Red Sox winning the Series.
Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize....hopefully the prize includes a free membership to Jenny Craig. That dude is fat:
Go here to get Gore to run for President:
TV numbers are kooky...Flight of the Conchords has fewer viewers than the dreadful John from Cincinnati yet gets a renewal anyway:
Why are the Brits trying to get God Save the Queen back on the charts?:
Now I know how the O.M.O.M. felt when Kiss rolled out their line of caskets....David Bowie has allowed Target to produce a line of clothing "inspired by Bowie." Good..I've been wanting to go trick or treating as Ziggy Stardust:
I had no idea that what passes for the Smashing Pumpkins these days was in town last night:
A new book says comedians of the 1970's acted like East Coast and West Coast rappers:
Dick Vitale should stick with hoops:
Is it just me or do the Arizona Diamondbacks have the worst MLB uniforms since the White Sox sported softball unis? You do remember those don't you?
The New York Jets on the other hand sport some of the best unis ever...'cept for this week when they trot out their New York Titan throwbacks:
Does anyone give a rats ass about Ohio State and Kent State tomorrow? Wanna piss off a Buckeye fan? Tell them that the Bucks aren't even the best football team in the state this year let alone the country. I think Ben Mauk and the UC Bearcats would beat OSU.
Further proof that hockey is an afterthought...Nike has decided to no longer exploit child labor to produce hockey fact, they aren't making hockey crap at all anymore:
As if not selling out the opener wasn't a bad enough sign for your Columbus Blue Jackets, they only drew 11,000 to their 2nd home game Wednesday night!:
That's all I've got for today....Go Tribe!


O.M.O.M. said...

Put me down for a husky "Let's Dance" suit; man, Bowie hawking at Target, I never saw that coming.

I was flipping channels last night and backpedaled to MTV when I saw Bach standing there. I figured it would be him spouting something retarded, I had to laugh when it was celebrity rap-out or whatever it is called. Bach had just been eliminated and they asked him his thoughts and he replied, "The only reason I'm doing this is for my son, London, I hope he liked it. And I've got a new album, Angel Down coming out next week..." Classic.

E. S. Furniss said...

I'm really hoping Target has the outfit Bowie wore in the Ashes to Ashes video...Ground Control to Major Tom...clean up on aisle 3.

Sebastian Bach....what a freakin' waste. This guy acts like he's still a celebrity. He must manage himself because anyone with a clue would have advised him NOT to go on this thing. I guess he was willing to do anything to get back on Mtv. Gene Simmons is a publicity whore too but he never did anything this freakin' stupid.