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Monday, October 22, 2007

Indians Free

*This post is completely Cleveland Indians free....for my take on the Tribe's choke job in the ALCS,please see my previous post*

I've become completely caught up in Pepsi's stupid EA Sports/NFL cap game. Under the cap of each 20 oz bottle of Pepsi products is a code. Enter the code and call a play ranging from 4th and goal (easy) to a hail mary (hard). The tougher the play the better the prize. Prizes range from an NFL hat to a new truck. What started out with the simple hope of winning a Browns cap has now become a full blown addiction. I have coworkers giving me their bottle caps. I'm snagging bottles out of trash cans in search of what I hope is the winning code. I've entered 80 stinking codes so and all I have to show for it is a lousy EA Sports t shirt. Pepsi the choice is simple, give me the Browns hat (and maybe a copy of the Xbox version of Madden 08) or I'll switch back to Coke...or maybe I'll quit drinking soda completely. Give me what I want Pepsi and no one gets hurt.

A psychiatrist tells Newsweek that his most challenging case involved a woman with 17 personalities. This shrink has gotta be gay. Every straight man knows that 17 is the minimum number of personalities a woman has:

The Great Lakes aren't so great anymore....water levels are at record lows:

If you thought your paycheck wasn't going as far as it used to, you're isn't:

UouTube meet Godtube:,0,660332.story?coll=la-home-entertainment

Is it really news when a children's book character is outted? Harry Potter's Dumbledore is ya couldn't tell by looking at him. Plus is there even a difference between a wizard and a fairy?:

Don't look for a new Superman movie until 2010. Do we need another one? Superman Returns sucked super ass:

Here's a list of the 100 scariest movie scenes of all time. I hope that naked wrestling scene in Borat is included:

What's going on with this investigation into David Copperfield? Is he a drug dealer? tax evader? lover of child porn?:

We now know who is doing the theme to the next James Bond movie:

Most people just get the trots from the Waffle House. Kid Rock got arrested:

I always forget Rob Halford wasn't the original lead singer of Judas Priest...still, ya know this is gonna be a night of awful, awful music:

I heard some of that new Robert Plant/Allison Krauss record over the weekend and I gotta say, it sounded damn good to me.

The Porter Wagoner death watch is on:

Kiss meets the Donald? Looks like Gene Simmons, who never met a promotional opportunity he didn't like, is joining the cast of the celebrity version of the Apprentice:'s_Apprentice.shtml

The CBJ get a crack at the Canucks without Jesus in goal.......and still lose:

Look at this picture and tell me football isn't a gay sport?:

Oh those Steinbrenners:

That's all I've got. I'm off to go beat up some Red Sox fans.

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