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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Went into Meijer this morning and would ya believe they are already doing away with the Halloween candy, costumes and decor to make way for more Xmas stuff? I'm too old for costumes but I am wearing a flannel shirt over a t shirt that says "I'm Evil." With my spiky hair if anyone asks who I'm supposed to be I can tell 'em I'm a lesbian.

For a guy that pretty much despises every holiday, I dig Halloween. Most years I take the day off and watch classic horror movies on tv. Of course, I do that on every holiday. What you've never watched I Dismember Mama on Xmas?

Speaking of movies, Unky Rory sends along good news for the Watchman movie:

Back to holidays and movies...The best part of Thanksgiving used to be the annual Mystery Science Theater 3000 marathons on Comedy Central. While the show has been off the air for several years now, the talent behind it has reassembled for a new project...sounds pretty cool:

My spider sense tells me there is gonna be a Spiderman 4:

Halloween if all about being one of the most evil corporations in America...Clear Channel....the company that banned Bruce Springsteen:,2933,306164,00.html

Take a peek at the gayest rock videos of all time....and yes Billy Squier is on the list:

Here's a list of the scariest rock videos....the same Billy Squier video had better be on that too:

I was gonna come to work dressed as Robert Goulet today but I thought that might be tasteless. So instead I came dressed as Bob Goulet's corpse:

Robert Plant explains why he wanted to make a record with Alison Kraus....and it wasn't cuz Fergie was busy:

A writers strike could mean no late night tv....If memory serves the last time the writers had a strke Carson actually wrote his own stuff:

Why does Time magazine have Bambi as the scariest movie on its all time Top 25 horror movie list?:,28804,1676793_1676808_1676840,00.html

I like the number one on this list better:

If anyone cares you can now download Van Morrison legally:

Oasis is still together?:

Can we please stop hyping the Colts/Patriots game this weekend?:

I guess Penn State fans didn't like having their asses handed to them by Ohio State last weekend. So they retaliated by taking it out on Buckeye fans after the game:

The NBA season started last night in case you didn't notice.

And you thought Joe Buck and Tim McCarver said stupid things...and that Peter North in that picture?:

If you didn't think Halloween was already the scariest day of the year, here's further proof...Vanilla Ice was born on October's a list of the scariest things to happen on Halloween:

Thats all I got. I'm off to put razor blades in apples.

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