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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Digipaks, baseball and Other Worthless Stuff

Picked up the new Springsteen cd this morning and much to my dismay, its packaged in the Digipak format rather than in a jewel case. I realize the digipak is more earth friendly but I prefer the jewel box. Gotta say Magic just might be the worst Springsteen album cover ever. Kinda looks like they were going after a Darkness on the Edge of Town vibe. While I'm not crazy about the cover, the music itself is top notch. Beyond a doubt the best rock record Springsteen has made since the River. Best of all, its short. 12 songs and 40 some odd minutes. I'd rather have a dozen quality songs than 12 good and 6 filler which is usually the case in the cd age.

Did ya stay up and watch the baseball game? That Rockies and Padres game was one for the ages. 13 innings before the Rockies emerge with the 9-8 victory and a trip to the playoffs to take on the Phillies. The playoffs by the way are on TBS for the first time. Early starts too. Game one of the Indians & Yankees is scheduled for 630pm on Thursday while game 2 is at 5pm Friday.

Why does the Today show still book Ann Coulter as a guest? I can't imagine she brings in ratings.

Today of course also spent a lot of time dealing with Britney losing custody of her kids. I guess thats a more important story than the piece in the NY Times today about how the world is ending:

One last Britney great of a reality series would this take her, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and all the other people who are famous for being set them each up with a mountain of blow (like at the end of Scarface) and you see who can snort themselves to death first....too harsh? Not harsh enough?

Jon Stewart now decides what's news and what isn't:

The guy behind the Backstreet Boys and other boy bands is a pedophile....thats a shock:

This Jerry Seinfeld Bee movie looks funny:,8599,1665827-2,00.html

Another fine ep of Journeyman last night.

Death has come to Meerkat Manor. If you had Flower in the dead pool...score your points:

Did you see Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have a suicide pact? My question is, can they kill themselves now?

Say what ya want about Ronnie James Dio, but the last surviving Munchkin doesn't sugarcoat his feelings about Vivian Campbell:

Padres fans are having a tough time accepting defeat:

Hey Bengals fans! Your team sucks!:

Your Columbus Blue Jackets have nearly finalized their roster for their opening night loss to Anaheim:

I've saved the best news for last....It looks like the end has come for the Best Damn Sports Show...thank you Jebus!:


TFO said...

Your Britney reality idea is good, but what if you added Lou Pearlman to the mix? I think that would take "harsh" to the next level - doing a mountain of blow naked with a greasy, creepy fat guy! I'm still not sure that would be harsh enough though.

TFO said...

By the way, I think that all the media coverage of Britney, in and of itself, is a sign that world is ending. In fact, I sometime wish it would end just so I don't have to hear about her damn custody battle! Silverman had it right when she referred to Brit's kids as the cutest MISTAKES ever made.

O.M.O.M. said...

Let's tweak the idea just a bit and provide just one mountain of blow, last one standing gets it, but they have to snort it all in one sitting on live television. Release 'em all on a deserted island, hungover, with only a liter of pomegranate juice, a dull knife and a tazer.

E. S. Furniss said...

I take comfort from the fact that my friends are as dark, twisted and as full of hate as I am. If there was ever a person who fit the description "37th term abortion" its Britney Spears.