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Monday, October 8, 2007

Case of the Trots

The Tribe let me down last night by not sweeping the Yankees when they had the chance. I don't care that Trot Nixon owned Roger Clemens during the Reagan era. I don't care how great he is in the clubhouse. I don't care how great he is tossing pies into unsuspecting teammates faces...Trot Nixon has no business fielding a position in a beer league softball game let alone a potential series clinching MLB playoff game. Sure I know Nixon hit a homerun and knocked in another run but that misplay on a routine ball to right also gave up two runs. An even line is good in hockey, in baseball it ain't good enough and Trot Nixon just isn't good enough anymore. Now its up to Paul Byrd to wrap this thing up tonight. Like I don't have enough stress today with my first math exam scheduled taking place tonight. The Yanks lit Byrd up like the Xmas tree in Rockefeller Center earlier this year, but Eric Wedge is making the right move in saving a rested CC for a possible game 5 on Wednesday. Joe Torre, with his job on the line, is pulling out his Wang on short notice.
Roger Clemens and George Steinbrenner both whined that Friday's game 2 which was invaded by bugs should have been halted because the critters were a distraction. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Poor babies. Yet another reason to hate the Yankees. They have the greatest home advantage of any team and they whine because of bugs?
Could the TBS coverage be more slanted toward the big market Yankees? Chip Carey is awful, Tony Gwynn is as fat as his swing was in his playing days and Bob Brenly is the master of the obvious.
If there was a team that suffered more than the Cubs (now at 99 years with no World Series titles and counting) it was Charlie Brown's. A new tell book on Peanuts creator Charles Schulz says the man known as Sparky was one miserable SOB. I would have thought that was obvious just from reading the strip:
I've been enjoying a lot of new tv shows. Aliens in America on the CW is funny, Life is quirky and Journeyman holds much promise. However, unless an agreement with the writers is reached soon, we may be looking at a whole lot of reality tv:,1,4211566.story?coll=la-headlines-business&ctrack=4&cset=true
I haven't seen it but I'm told Britney Spears swings from a strippers pole in her new video. There's a real stretch eh? The only pole I'd care to see that overexposed deadbeat mom swing from is a gallows pole.
Britney should take comfort from the fact she's not the only bad celebrity parent...she's just the biggest whore:,0,3292285.photogallery
Caught Bruce Springsteen on 60 Minutes last night. Magic has been on the shelves less than a week and now comes word that another record may be on the way:
Billboard says Magic is a "lock" to be number one this week:
I thought that new Ben Stiller looked awful and turns out most people agreed with me. Heck, that awful looking movie starring the Rock drew more viewers.
The Brits hated Ebony and Ivory almost as much as you did:
Its a bloody shame Fox treated Futurama like it did. Damn fine show and its now back with a direct to dvd's a preview:
According to posts on the Noticeboard, attendance at the Melodicrockfest in South Bend featuring bands you never heard of or long since forgot drew around 1,000 people or about 1,000 then my kids school Oktoberfest.
Your Columbus Blue Jackets have come out played better than I expected them to. Granted they benefited from playing an Anaheim Ducks club that had been to London and back and was most likely jetlagged. The Jackets had a great chance to start the year 2-0 before blowing a game in Minnesota Saturday. The Jackets resume play Wednesday.
Why can't the Columbus media at least pretend to be objective when it comes to Ohio State football? This morning that midget that co-anchors the Channel 10 news was talking about a repeat trip to the national title game. If I have to see Mindy Drayer dressed like a cheerleader and sucking on Brutus Buckeye's Bucknuts one more time I'm gonna puke. We get it love Ohio State. You all love Ohio State. Just try to tone it down. As for the national championship.....don't you remember the last time an overrated OSU team played for the title? Do you really want to see LSU do the same thing to this team?
Charles Dolan, owner of the Knicks and brother of Indians owner Larry Dolan, is getting ready to make some major changes in the wake of the Isiah Thomas sexual harassment verdict:
Sometimes its hard to tell who is dumber, athletes or the announcers who call the games. For instance who would be stupid enough to say on the air "Virginia Tech went to LSU and got murdered"?:
You know you're a cynic about pro sports when you see a game like yesterdays Browns & Patriots game. The point spread was 16 1/2 points and with less than a minute left the Browns are down by 10. Just then Kellen Winslow fumbles and the Pats Randall Gay takes it to the house. Extra point is New England 34 Cleveland 17. Now I'm not saying Winslow was on the take....just makes me wonder.
Happy Columbus Day....go honor Chris Columbus by commiting genocide (start with Britney Spears).

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