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Friday, October 19, 2007

Brain Wedgie

I'm not in too bad of a mood today considering the Indians lost last night. Sure it sucks to lose 7-1. It sucks knowing you had the chance to send the Red Sox and their annoying fanbase into the long cold winter and blew it. I take solace from this today...Eric Wedge's brain fart or if you will, brain wedgie, of sending a tired C.C. Sabathia out to start the 7th inning may turn out to be a good thing. When the Tribe went to the World Series in 1995 and 1997 it won on the road and in game 6 of the ALCS. So bring on game 6, bring on Fenway and the Green Monster. That neocon Curt Schilling deserves another ass kicking anyway.

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The ipod is being blamed for an increase in crime:

First it was death in Funky Winkerbean, then a Charles Schulz tell all portrays the man behind Peanuts as a real life the real world may be intruding in For Better or For Worse:,1,3706028.story?coll=chi_mezz

In related news, in Sundays Family Circus its revealed little Jeffy was molested by his priest.

I had never heard of the Electric Jellyfish but one of their band members is killed on the Ohio he wasn't electrocuted:

Things that can only happen in my white trash town...The news is full of stories on this new deadly drug resistant strain of staph infection. Two local middle school kids have been hit with the killer bug and where does the local rag put it on their website? As the third billed story under pet adoptions and a B- blood shortage. :

Every episode of the Jon Stewart run of the Daily Show can now be viewed online. I guess the Craig Kilborn era has been erased. Shame for me cuz I'm in the minority who enjoyed the show more when Kilby was at the wheel. I miss 5 Questions:

Speaking of Comedy Central, Stephen Colbert will be a guest on Meet the Press on Sunday. Thats right..with a war going on , oil about to hit 100 bucks a barrel, and with everything else of importance, the Sunday news shows are devoting air time to a comedian.

If you had Deborah Kerr or Joey Bishop in your Death Pool congrats on the score:

The Tampa Devil Rays are getting a colors, new name, new logo...and Kevin Costner's band is gonna play the DRays relaunch party...which is proof that the DRays can change hats, names and colors, but they are still gonna suck:

The new Ben Affleck movie looks pretty good:

David Chase talks about his pissed off Sopranos fans:,,20152845,00.html

Peter Gabriel wants you to know he hates Phil Collins just as much as you do:

Get your Dimebag action figure for Xmas:

Peter Criss's exwife is going on satellite radio next week to discuss her former spouse's limited drum skills and tiny penis. And to promote her book:

Those of you who never bought his records with King's X now have a Dug Pinnick solo record to not buy:

Leave it to the Yankees to try and rob the Indians and Red Sox of the spotlight. The Joe Torre era appears to be over after Torre rejected a one year offer. The NYC tabloids act as if this story is as big as the 9/11 attacks. Lets face facts, the only skill required to manage the talent laden Yankees is the ability to tune out their douchebag owner and the aborted fetuses who call themselves Yankees fans. With a 200 million dollar payroll, its not rocket science to fill out the lineup card:

Hey Notre Dame fans..what do you think about lard ass Charlie Weis now?:,cst-spt-greg18.article

Dan Patrick, whose departure made ESPN completely worthless, has joined up with SI:

They play some lousy football in the Big East these days but they sure do have some killer porn star names:

Thats all the crap I have. Should the Tribe choke this weekend, make sure to check the obits on Monday for the location of my funeral.

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