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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Jagshemash! I dare you....dare you I say to find a man funnier than Sacha Baron Cohen. I woke up this morning to a marathon of Da Ali G show on HBO. I was tempted to call off work just to enjoy it. Sadly, we'll probably never see the character of Borat again, but I look forward to the Bruno movie.

Who cares about the economic or foreign affairs policies of the man (and woman) who will replace "Supreme Warlord Premier George Walter Bush", lets watch as the media spends time discussing Mike Huckabee's music playlist:

Yankee fan Rudy Giuliani, who completely supports Premier Bush's 'war of terror" is getting heat for supporting the Red Sox in the World Series. Should anyone be surprised that a man who snuck his mistress into the mayor's mansion would change allegiances? Never trust a cross dresser people:

Is Michelle Malkin more evil than Ann Coulter?:

Jay Leno may be the least funny man alive.....and he's still getting fired in 2 years:

Elvis, a Beatle and the corpse who drew Charlie Brown are among the top earning dead celebs:

Why would anyone do a "where are they now?" bit on the cast of Dazed and Confused? Aren't most of them HUGE stars now?:

Are you still paying attention to the pumpkin?: You'd better be...rumor is that its Two Face from the new Batman movie :

Here's something as awful as that Larry King pic from last week:

I like Stephen Colbert. I like him a lot. So tell me, why am I not entertained by his presidential campaign?:

Who are the scariest rock stars?:

I'm sure Ozzy Osbourne is on that list....maybe thats why Geezer Butler says Black Sabbath isn't reuniting.....again...:

Whats the deal with all this attention to Joy Division?:,,20153727,00.html

Joe Torre doesn't look to be unemployed for long:

Oh those crazy Packers fans and their theme weddings:

Finally if life don't kill ya, this pizza will:

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