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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Baseball Fever.....Catch It!

Baseball Fever....Catch it! Wasn't that the marketing slogan of MLB back in the late 70s or early 80s? Do sports even have slogans now? Baseball....Now 97% HGH Free! That could work better than the new NBA slogan "NBA...No Bitches Allowed" or the NHL's "Does Anyone Even Care Outside of Canada?" marketing slogan. The NFL of course doesn't need a marketing slogan. When you have a league that features: accessories to murder (Ray Lewis), dogfighting (Mike Vick), drunk driving (Leonard Little), drunk boating (Eric Steinbach), Not to mention the entire Cincinnati Bengals roster...this laundry list doesn't even include convicted murderer Rae Carruth. If the NFL had a slogan would be "The NFL...No Matter What We Do...You'll Watch."

Today of course marks the start of the baseball playoffs. I'm already sick of the national media pining for a Red Sox and Yankees ALCS and for the Cubs to go to the World Series. I gotta be honest...I HATE the Red Sox and the Yankees. I hate everything about them. I think their payroll spending has been bad for baseball. That being said....I don't think either of them get out of the first round. I don't like the way either team finished the season. I'm taking the Angels in the upset over the Bo Sox. As much as I hate the Yankees, I gotta say I'm amazed they made the postseason considering how awful their pitching is. I think pitching is what eliminates them in the playoffs tho. I think Sabathia and Carmona keep the Yankee bats in check and the Indians win.

I don't hate the Cubs nearly as much as I hate the Bo Sox and Yanks but I do despise them. The Cubs made the playoffs because someone needed to win the NL Central. As much as I hate the Cubs, I hate the Arizona Diamondbacks even more. It pains me that the Dbacks have more World Series titles in my lifetime than do the Indians. I think Arizona beats up on the Cubs. Colorado had an amazing ride to the postseason but it comes to an end in Philly. I'm hoping the Phils make the World Series but fear the Dbacks could knock them off.

All games are on TBS by the way.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 was one of the greatest TV Shows of all time and the episode where they skewer Manos the Hands of Fate was its single greatest episode. Now a theater company is putting on a rock opera production of Manos:

Note to self...unless you want the house to be set on fire don't hire star of Supernanny:

John Mellencamp has written a song about the Jena 6 and you can download it here for free:

Radiohead's pay what you want to pricing has caused their website to overload:

Time is running out if ya wanna go to melodicrockfest in South Bend this Saturday. I won't be there...nor will I will be able to go to Wapak to see Rhino Bucket and American Dog. I'll be watching my daughter sing in her school program...which will have more people in attendance than the melodicrockfest in South Bend:

Opening night review from Springsteen in Hartford:,0,6996727.story

If you disregard those weekend games in London (and I do), then tonight is opening night of the NHL season. The kids at Melrose Rocks tell ya what to look for in the opening week of action:

Dear Lord Stanley is another fine hockey blog and like me, they don't recognize that the NHL season started four days ago:

I'm off to go watch the debut episode of Caveman....Tivo it while you can kids...soon you'll only be able to find them in commercials...again


O.M.O.M. said...

I have an autographed Rae Carruth 8X10 hanging in the Beer Cave, I also have a Bob Braun framed LP that is sadly not autographed.

The Manos MST3K episode is pure gold. I own that one on DVD and have hours upon hours of MST3K on VHS from those Comedy Central Thanksgiving Marathons. The greatest Saturday morning hangover show ever, followed closely by PBS Master Painter Bob Ross.

TFO said...

I have seen Bob Ross' "happy little world" know, watching his show really did make me happy.

E. S. Furniss said...

Did you get the Carruth pic signed before or after he went to prison? Those MST3K Turkey Day marathons were the best. A perfect escape from bad football and worse conversation with the in laws. I miss that show terribly. The stars of the Sci Fi version have ripped themselves off with a new direct to dvd project called the Film Crew (or something like that). Same deal..bad movies, good jokes.

Bob Ross has been dead a long damn time. Everything I know about painting I learned from I know about happy clouds and happy trees and little else.

O.M.O.M. said...

I blocked the Sci Fi network from my cable box when they cancelled MST, I still refuse to watch Battlestar Galactica and other Sci-Fi originals for that reason. I'm kinda bullheaded that way.

The Carruth sig was pre killin' spree. I always enjoy when a sports fan browses the crap all over my bar walls and stumbles across that piece, it always brings a chuckle and a head shake.