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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ain't Talkin' bout Much

Its a blah Wednesday. I was looking forward to getting rid of the hot weather and now that its gone, I'm not real crazy about the chill in the air either. I guess thats another sign of getting're never happy with your lot in life. How pathetic is your life when you're looking forward to making a crock pot full of chili? The worst part is that will be the highlight of my weekend (unless the Indians take both games from the Sox).

Finally got around to watching last weeks South Park. Cartman pretends to have Tourettes in order to say whatever he wants. FUNNY stuff. Plus they have some fun with that idiot Chris Hanson from Dateline and his fetish for pedophiles.

So the Democrats and the GOP are fighting over a program to provide insurance to kids. The Dems pick a 12 year old kid who suffered brain damage to give the counter address to Dubya's weekly radio the GOP has unleashed the hounds....on a 12 year old boy and his family:
Unreal. What we need is universal health care and an end to this nonsense.

Ya know I look at these people running for President and I realize that no matter who wins we are all fooked: there anything it can't do? Now its saving lives.:

A couple of weeks into the new fall season find out how the new shows are faring...(here's a hint..not well):

Eric Bana, lousy in the Hulk, great in Munich, has signed on to be the bad guy in the new Star Trek flick:

Who the hell is Chris Pine and is he gonna be the new Captain Kirk?:

Speaking of Trek, this could be fun:

Add David Hasselhoff to the list of celebrities who need to choke on their own vomit:,,20151449,00.html

Will Ferrell has signed to star in the Land of the Lost movie.

Any chance we're gonna see the Hobbit on the big screen?:,,20036782_20037403_20142132,00.html

REM is debuting their new song not on radio or VH1 or on Conan...but on Anderson Cooper 360:

Michael Jackson will be debuting his new single on the next episode of Dateline's To Catch a Predator series:

Just a day after being named Rocktober feature artist, Crimson Glory is making headlines (well if you know the website to find them):

Do you think the members of Hanoi Rocks wake up every day and think of how much they hate Vince Neil?:

And you thought Chip Caray loved the Yankees...:

Speaking of Chip can we just say again that he sucks? Chip, you suck.:

Am I the only one who doesn't give a damn about the Rockies and Diamondbacks in the NLCS?:

Who in their right mind would hire Mike Keenan as head coach? I may get NHL Center Ice just to watch the Calgary Flames implode all season long:

Michael Peca makes his season debut tonight for your Columbus Blue Jackets in what is already being called a must win game:

Indians first baseman Ryan Garko has been writing a post season blog...and its a helluva lot better than mine:

That's all I got today...tip your bartender ya cheap bastards.....


TFO said...

Saw the South Park episode - very funny. They've re-ran the show at least 4 times (who needs TiVo). That rates right up there with the Scientology episode.

I plan on trying to catch the CBJ tonight just to see how conditioned they really are. I'm not holding my breath though. Must win, huh? 3rd game of the season...I think that pretty much sums up how their season turn out. But, then again, isn't every game a must win game? Especially if you're trying to make the playoffs. I expect another letdown.

Who needs modern medicine when you've got Vodka? I knew there was something special about it! Millions of Russians can't be wrong - now, if the Russians could only find a cure for bad teeth....

E. S. Furniss said...

I don't know if it was because I recorded it at midnight but the only word Comedy Central bleeped in that South Park ep was f*ck.

I hope to catch the tail end of the Jackets game tonight. I'm sure Foote is due for another injury soon.