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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

1.2 BILLION Dollars

Today's post is a little smaller than usual...short on time....but enjoy it anyway

What would you do with a billion dollars? Buy a big house or three? Do some charity work? Set up your own business? Hire Van Halen and Led Zeppelin to play your kids high school graduation party? For 1.2 billion bucks you can pretty much anything you want. Want to snort a pile of blow off of a couple porn stars? Go ahead you can do that for under 50 grand. Want to buy season tickets in a loge for the Indians, Browns and Cavs? Go ahead you can do that with tons of cash left over. I bet if you had 1.2 billion dollars you might waste some of it but would you lose it? Would you walk around the house saying "Honey, have you seen my 1.2 billion dollars? It was right by my keys last night now I can't find it." Of course you wouldn't lose 1.2 billion. You'd know where it was at all times. Somehow, the United States government can't account for 1.2 billion dollars. The government knows where it went but not how it was spent or even if it was spent.
I think if I had 1.2 billion dollars I probably would drop some on hookers and drugs....and the naming rights to Jacobs Field.

I may be in the minority but I hate cell phones. I hate being that accessible to people. If this keeps up we might as well shove a GPS system up our ass and be done with it:

Here's a shock..Viva Laughlin cancelled already:

TV Guide previews Lost:

Johnny Marr wants to reunite the Smiths. Problem is that Morrissey doesn't:

Spinner ranks the craziest costumed musical acts..Alice Cooper better be on that list:

If you don't take a look at this picture of Larry King you'll hate yourself:

Thats all I've got today....I'm off to help the government find 1.2 billion dollars.


O.M.O.M. said...

re: larry king, it's like someone took a blender and mixed him together with Yahoo Serious and Thomas Dolby.

The gov't needs to lose some cash around me, I can think of all kinds of stuff to do with spare jack.

I'm anti cell phone also, I've got one but 90% of the calls go to voice mail as I either ignore it or shut it off most of the time. I just don't need to be that constantly connected.

E. S. Furniss said...

Sure cell phones are nice and all when your car breaks down but other than that, I'd get along just fine without mine. The cell phone has given people another excuse to be rude. I have kids in class that don't bother to shut the damn things off and they ring during lecture. I hate the guy in the blue tooth headset that appears to be talking to himself. Unless you are Lt.Uhura and you're dealing with communications on the starship Enterprise, you don't need to be walking around with that thing in your ear. I actually heard a guy asking his wife if she wanted extra crispy or original recipe. I couldn't see that he had a blue tooth on and I thought he was a lunatic. Assholes.