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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Gift of Gab

Watching Bill Clinton on Letterman last night I realized how much I took the man for granted. For instance, his ability to speak correctly.....and not wage senseless war. The former prez was in fine form as he is out making the talk show rounds promoting his new book.

Note to Keith Olbermann...Keith....I love the show. Looking forward to seeing you with Costas on Sunday Night Football but the Special Comment thing? Can you ease up a bit? Don't get me wrong I agree with you. Bush is an idiot and he completely lacks credibility on the war but we don't a special comment every night on it. Save them for well, something special. Thanks Keith. Say hi to Dan Patrick.

Can we put an end to this toy recall nonsense already? Just yank every toy out of every kids hand and send it back to China already. Mattel is recalling even more toys:

If the Mexicans can't come to you, go to where the Mexicans are:

The Phil Spector trial is winding down and he do do do did it:

Someone must still be pissed about the last episode of the Sopranos:

I guess one of the requirements to be a regular host on the View is to be an idiot:

Ya know the real tragedy in this whole Anna Nicole Smith thing? Is that everyone involved didn't die. Now the two men who claimed to be the father of her bastard kid may be gay lovers:

Why won't Tommy Lee die too?:

Kevin Costner? Didn't he win an Oscar?:

Jerry Lewis is sorry and wants you to know he loves gay people:

Rob Zombie says no mas to Michael Myers:,,20054657,00.html

Going to see Van Halen? Wear one of these:

The Bridge School Benefit looks pretty good...if Metallica weren't on the bill:

Meet an athlete more evil than Mike Vick:,2933,295695,00.html

The Tribe opens up a 7 game lead in the AL Central:

T.O. is still an azz:,9171,1657808,00.html

This is kinda cool. The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a new database that gives you the write up of every Browns game EVER..:

Tickets go on sale this weekend for your Columbus Blue Jackets. If you guess the date the team is eliminated from the playoffs you can win a lifetime luxury box.

More crap as it happens...........

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