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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Back to the Crap and Why the Browns Suck

After a day spent standing on my soap box, its back to the crap at hand. Picked up new glasses yesterday. Mighty nifty. Next year will mark my 25th anniversary in glasses. I hate them but at least these look good. I'd get the lasik surgery if I could afford it and wasn't scared to death I'd wind up like Cyclops in the X Men....come to think of it, that would be kinda cool. Spend most of the time wearing sunglasses looking cool and the other blowing stuff up.

Is it really news when Dubya does something stupid? You'd think after the Gonzo debacle he'd be looking to hire a moderate attorney general. Nope. He's bringing in former Solicitor General Ted Olson a man with all the warmth and decency of a Gestapo. Ted was Dubya's attorney in the Supreme Court battle that resulted in Shrub being handed the White House. Ted's been lying low since his wife, who wrote a hatchet job book on Hillary Clinton, was killed on 9/11. The nomination of Olson is strike one. Strike two is Bush's televised announcement tomorrow that by next summer, 30,000 US troops will leave Iraq. Bringing home 30,000 troops over a 12 month period is like giving a thirsty man an empty bottle of Snapple that a hobo has pissed in. It doesn't go far enough to solve the problem...the American public wants the troops home...all of them. Bush's latest folly guarantees that getting them home is the problem of the next, hopefully legitimately elected, President.

Speaking of failing at everything they touch, a word on the Cleveland Browns. Its bad enough that they suck on the field, but this team is run just as poorly off the field. Charlie Frye isn't ready to be an NFL starter. He probably won't ever be. But the Browns spent the whole offseason and training camp giving him and Derek Anderson reps with the starting unit. Reps that once Brady Quinn got into camp could have been given to the Quinn, the Browns QB of the future. Instead the Browns give the reps to Frye and Anderson, with Frye winning the starting job. A job Frye managed to keep for a quarter and a half! So the Browns, being the Browns, do something yesterday that no team has done in the 37 years since the NFL/AFL merger...they trade their starting QB after the first game of the season. Randy Lerner needs to decide if he wants to own an NFL franchise or not. He inherited the team after the death of his father and his day to day involvement is limited at best. This team is disorganized and poorly run and will stay that way unless Lerner takes charge or sells the team to someone who will. As painful as it was to watch Frye play, and God did it hurt to watch, I feel bad it didn't work out for the kid. He never should have been in that position as he wasn't ready to play. He was an Ohio kid who had a Bernie Kosar poster on his wall and a lifelong dream to play for the Browns. As any Browns fan will tell ya, there's always a John Elway waiting to turn your dream into a nightmare.

A few quick headlines:

Rudy G gets booed at NYC 9/11 memorial:

With apologies to Bill Maher....New Rule..If you're so god damn stupid you think Iraq had anything to do with the events of 9/11 you have to go fight the war yourself:

Finally someone listens to me...Gluttony not just a sin anymore...its against the law...:,0,2586141.story

Jon Stewart will host the Oscars....You were expecting Ryan Seacrest?:

And then there were 3....Big Bro 8 winding down:

God I wish Dick Cheney would take Ted Nugent hunting and shoot him in the face:

The man who sang "hope I die before I get old" now acting like a grumpy old man:,,4-2007410335,00.html

If Pac Man Jones is a punk and Michael Vick is a sick bastard, Bil Belichick is a cheat and deserves similar punishment:

The ain't all about gambling...its also about being a foul mouthed perv:

More crap as it happens.....


O.M.O.M. said...

The Browns situation is a complete mess. They will end up throwing Quinn in the starting spot too soon and he'll be ruined and gunshy for the rest of his career. Can anyone in the Browns front office say "David Klingler?"

re: Roger Daltrey. I love it when old folks ramble on about how evil drugs and alcohol are. They were all for it when they were doing it but now that they are boring old farts who are incapable of having fun, they think everyone else should be as miserable as them. And it's not about physical age, I know people that are younger than me but act older than my parents. Hell, my Dad's 67 and he dang near put me under the table a few months ago when we did our Father-Son outing in Vegas.

E. S. Furniss said...

Klinger, Akili Smith, Tim Couch, Charlie Frye...maybe the Browns will get lucky and Quinn will break their curse the way Carson Palmer broke the Bengals. Of course, the Bengals let Palmer sit all year behind Jon Kitna.

The only thing worse than Daltry carrying on like this would be Keith Richards doing it. Father son weekend in Vegas? God I hope don't see you and Pop OMOM on Cathouse season 3.