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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Last Thursday night I had nothing going on. Tonight I have decisions to make. Do I go to the White Trash Mardi Gras known as the Popcorn Festival or do I stay home and watch the NFL season kick off with the Colts and the Saints? I think I may try to do both. Make a run for food, dodging thru the scumbags who've taken over my city streets and then head home. That means passing up the Ac/Dc tribute band playing tonight. I think it should be mandatory that any singer in an Ac/Dc tribute band must choke to death on vomit during the show. I don't care who the vomit belongs to.

Are you playing fantasy football? My Marion Misfits are back for another season. The autodraft was unkind to me. I wound up with ASPCA Man of the Year Mike Vick on my roster. I cut him but my team still blows. Plus I have Jesus in my league. Guy wins every year. Always knows exactly who to play. I think he has an inside source telling him who to start.

You can put an end to the Pavarotti death watch...the 71 year old tubby tenor died over night from pancreatic cancer. With his passing that beat box prick from last season's American Idol now takes the title of the world's greatest living singer:

Proof that Fred Thompson would make a lousy president....he was a lousy senator, he was dull on Law & Order and he chose Leno to announce his one chooses Leno...its like chosing Dan Quayle...Thompson cannot be trusted to have his finger on the button if he actually likes Leno:

I do not fear terrorists...I fear our own stupidity...for instance, my fave story of the week. 5 nuclear warheads and their unauthorized coast to coast flight:,1,6510396.story?coll=chi_breaking_500

Pardon me if I don't give a damn about Steve Fosset going missing. I have no pity for a rich guy who regularly puts his life at risk in order to get his rocks off. I wish more rich white guys would disappear in the mountains.

10 grand in porn? Seriously...guess if I had 10 large tied up in porn I'd want it back too:

I guess it was hard work making 3:10 to Yuma. Wah...making movies is hard work...wah:,0,5899775.story?coll=la-home-entertainment

Is it really necessary to have a benefit concert on Mt. Everest? Someplaces should be safe from marketing gimics. I hope they have an avalanche:

The season finale of Rescue Me is next week. Can't wait to wrap up this disappointing season:,,20040769_20040772_20054918,00.html

Don't look for sequester house shots on Big Bro this season:

Yet another Flava of Love/Rock of Love show coming to VH1:

Eddie Griffin's standup act was halted because he used the "n" word. If he's like most black comedians he wouldn't have any material without the "n" word. Here's an n word for you to describe Eddie Griffin "no talent" sure I know that's two words but it sums him up:

Devo is back:

Maybe there is a one seems to give a shite about American Idol anymore:

Ya heard it here first...the New Orleans Saints will meet the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. Dallas is my pick for most overrated team. They are getting picked to go to the Super Bowl but I don't see why. They start two receivers over the age of 30 and no team with receivers that old has ever gone on to the Super Bowl.

Look for last year's Super Bowl teams, the Bears and Colts, to come crashing back down to earth. Indy's defense blows and Bears QB Rex Grossman sucks like a gay porn star.

Other dazzling observations by me: The AFC will be far superior to the NFC My Browns will win 3 games at most. The Bengals will be a .500 club. Pittsburgh will rebound this year and lose to the Pats in the AFC Championship game. San Diego will regret firing Marty Schottenheimer as Norv Turner is the worst 3 time NFL head coach in history. The NFL will have at least one more Mike Vick type scandal on its hands. The league is populated by thugs and its gonna take Roger Goodell a long time to rid the league of the hood element.

More crap as it happens....

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O.M.O.M. said...

Hey, I'm going to Faux AC/DC tonight, you should swing up for a bit.

I'm going freaking bonkers at work this week. I'm ready to choke me a few people, gotta boogie, hope to see ya tonight.