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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

72 Smoke Free Hours

3 full smoke free days under my belt and so far so good. I've not killed anyone. Not even been tempted. But I reserve to right to change my mind as the day progresses. I figure I've already saved at least $13 by not smoking. My sense of taste has already returned in full. I can't shake the taste of the wicked onion I had at Unky Rory's yesterday. My sense of smell has rebounded somewhat. Feels nice to be smoke free. Lets see how long I can go.

Great point brought up by Unky Rory yesterday...who replaces Jerry Lewis on the MDA telethon when he dies? Regis would be the ideal pick but he's old too. Dick Clark? Older and hard to understand post stroke. Ryan Secrest hosts everything but I don't see him doing it. My pick? Jay Leno. He's gonna be out of work in two years.

Here's good news...rock stars are more likely to die than you are:

Not everyone took the government's hush money on 9/11. Now some of the lawsuits are making it to court:

More proof the Surge sucks:

Katie Couric's ratings suck even worse than the Surge:,0,1650251.story?coll=la-home-entertainment

The Croc Hunter has only been dead a year? Seems like ten:

NBC wants to join CBS in abusing children for your entertainment:

How much did Stephen Colbert's cast go for? A lot:

Maybe Hugh Laurie can replace Jerry Lewis:

Tom Cruise says Germans have been "warm" to him....because Germans are known for their warmth...especially to outsiders:,1518,502889,00.html

Hey speaking of gay people...was Jerry Lewis bashing homo's on his telethon?:

Meet Carlos Zambrano 90 million dollar a-hole:,1,2655896.story

The Bobby Bowden death watch begins:;_ylt=ApaljNpLSAGPV6oNnllWCeQ5nYcB?gid=200709030001&prov=ap

OSU looked like crap on Saturday but at least they didn't go the way of Michigan. Of course, if you didn't have the Big 10 Network then you didn't see if you didn't see it, did the upset really happen?

I always hated Edie Brickell...but not so much that I wanted to kill one of the New Bohemians...:

More Crap as it happens.....

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