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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Who Cares About Barry Bonds?

So the long awaited moment finally happened. Barry Bonds, he of the size 9 hat size and the late 30's early 40's growth spurt, passed Henry Aaron to become MLB's all time home run king*. When Bonds hit homer 756 off former Indians farmhand Mike Bascik in his home park in San Francisco, half of America was snug in their beds sleeping away. Which is exactly what most of America has done as Bonds chased Aaron. The stench of steroids cannot be denied and it taints one of the greatest records in sport. We'll never know how many homeruns Bonds hit off of pitchers who were also doping as we don't know their names. It doesn't make it right but those pitchers hid their cheating better than Bonds. Barry was like a cheating spouse who goes out in public with her other man because she wants to get found out. His change in appearance was beyond drastic and an obvious sign that something unnatural was taking place.

While Bonds deserves to the poster child for steroid use in sport, no one in MLB comes away with their hands clean. Bud Selig, the worst commissioner of any sport not named Gary Bettman, was all too happy for baseball's sacred marks to fall and didn't seem to care how it was being done. The MLBPA, my vote for the most powerful labor union in America, could have cared less for the integrity of the game and the long term health of its members. Bonds "achievement" shouldn't lessen what Aaron accomplished. If anything Bonds cheating should increase Aaron's stature as one of baseballs greats. Bonds may have the record but until the chemists come up with an injection to cure his shortfall, will always lack class. Watch Aaron in the posted video run the bases like he's hit a dinger before and then watch Bonds stand there and gloat. The Nationals catcher should have pulled a Crash Davis and yelled "Run Dummy!"

Enough of my Bonds talk. Let Deadspin have the final word:

Yet another reason New York City sucks:

Being a union man I watched last nights AFL CIO sponsored Democratic candidate presidential debate....note to John Edwards...wake the f up dude....get your head in the game. You let yourself get taken to school last night. Dennis Kucinich had more personality:

Tom Hanks wants Big Fat Greek Money:

Jericho geeks are throwing a convention:

If anyone gives a damn about MTV the VMA nominees have been released:

The Allman Brothers and others have joined up with Farm know the rock concert to benefit America's farmers or as I think of them the biggest welfare mother in the country. How many handouts does one industry need?:

Your Mp3's could be at risk from a new computer virus:

EW shoots down some Lost rumors:,,20050425,00.html

Another JJ Abrams project, the new Star Trek movie gets a production date:

Provided it works, off to the right you'll find a new link for MSNBC headlines. I got rid of the Things That Suck feature as quite frankly, I find too many things that do in fact suck. Like this blog for starters. Maybe I'll change the name to This Blog Sucks.

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O.M.O.M. said...

I have to commend MLB and Barry Bonds on this home run race. They have helped me decide that I need never spend another one of my hard earned dollars on anything Major League Baseball related. I'm done. I'll go to minor league games but I'm done dropping cash on overpriced beer and tickets for a bunch of arrogant goofs.

TFO said...

Barry Bonds, yet another professional athlete for your children not to look up to. I've learned something today...hard work is overrated and the best life has to offer can be obtained through cheating and drug use. Thank you, Barry Bonds, thank you. E.S. - you should have included the new homerun king in your last poll.

E. S. Furniss said...

What kind of leadership has Selig shown on this issue? NONE. Jason Giambi, another cheater, at least has the decency to say all of baseball owes fans an apology for this and how is he rewarded? With a summons to Selig's office and possible legal problems. I'd say put an asterisk by everything from the mid 90's on if you could prove who was juicing. Since you can't do that, we'll just have to remember that everything in MLB over the past 10-15 years was as authentic as professional wrestling. We'll look back at these days and call it the "Assclown era."