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Thursday, August 2, 2007


Thinking it might be awhile before I go over any bridges....fortunately, I don't live near any bodies of water. What a disaster last night in the Twin Cities. I shook my head in disgust when Homeland Security rushed to issue a releasing to reassure us the collapse wasn't an act of terrorism. No newscaster I saw even asked that question. The cynic in me feels it was just another ploy by the Bush Administration to toss out the word "terrorism." Has Dubya even made a statement on the tragedy yet? Or was he too busy finishing My Pet Goat last night and couldn't be disturbed?

This Pat Tillman story is also incredibly tragic...Rummy takes the stand and says nothing:

Considering my daughter has every Dora the Explorer toy ever made, I had a moment of panic when I learned Fisher Price planned to recall a million toys due to lead based paint...fortunately hers were purchased prior to May 2007.....first it was killer tooth paste, now its lead based paint in childrens toys...Are the Chinese trying to kill Americans thru commerce?:

Barry Bonds is still waiting to catch Hank Aaron. While I hate Bonds, I'm more angry at MLB then with Bonds. The league and the players union turned a blind eye to steroids. They enabled Bonds, Sosa, and others of their ilk to cheat in order to sell the game. Keep in mind Bonds isn't the only homerun king who was able to boost his stats on an unlevel playing field. Babe Ruth never had to face African Americans in his playing days. Oh to be at Chavez Ravine booing Bonds:,0,648309.story?coll=la-home-center

Does anyone care about Lollapalooza anymore?:,0,7585199.htmlpage

Meet the Spocks:,,20049407,00.html

The man who brought you the Road Warrior (no not Mel Gibson) may be directing the Justice League:

Great White hits Columbus later this month....just as their former manager who was held responsible for the deaths of 100 Rhode Island concertgoers is set to get out of prison....Note to Jack pyro at the Alrosa please:

Can you solve the mystery of the wax museum? Someone depants Hitler and FDR and swiped Phil Lynotts guitar (and by the way if you ever get to see BBC Crown Jewels featuring Thin Lizzy on VH1 Classic, you'll come away convinced they were one of the greatest rock bands EVER):

More crap as it happens............


O.M.O.M. said...

It was pretty sad that HS issued that statement but can you really blame them? If they didn't, I guarantee that people would have made a milk, bread and duct tape run on the stores thinking that every bridge in the US was under attack. The sad thing is that the media has turned a godly chunk of America into scared little wimps. Hell, when it rains hard, all the local TV stations break in and issue live reports about water on the roadways and such. I'm not sure exactly when the Pussification Of America reached critical mass but it's here in spades. I warn my kids frequently about the POA and tell them to fight it at all times.

I'm so disgusted by everything that I'm ready to retire to a shack in Oregon with a still, shortwave radio (where the "real" truth is...)and a big arsed machine gun.

E. S. Furniss said...

Oh OMOM you do speak such truths. Even worse than the hours of live weather cut-ins when its raining is during winter when they take the token minority reporter and stick her by the interstate to report on the snow....and there usually isn't even any snow falling. I have a window. I can see its snowing without having Trisha Takanawa telling me it is.

The cynic in me suspects Dick Cheney has an interest in some engineering firm that will make a tidy profit from bridge inspections. Its sad when you believe the government is capable of devising a plot to destroy a bridge and kill innocents to be more plausible than foreign terroists attacking. But hey, its George Bush's America...strange shit happens all the time.