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Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday on My Mind

The long, hot week is nearly at an end. I think the heat is making me extra crabby. The coverage of the bridge disaster has set me off. I've seen the New York media print headlines proclaiming a "bridge of death" and stories that say Minnesota sadly has its own Ground Zero. One of the New York papers today argues that the Brooklyn Bridge is in even worse shape than the bridge that collapsed...Excuse me? That bridge is no can the still standing Brooklyn Bridge be in worse shape? Plus if I have to watch one more local news report with Andrea Cambern rattling off the safety score card of Ohio's bridges I'm liable to go Elvis on my TV. I'm sorry but I'm guessing Andrea's background on bridges is limited to reading The Bridges of Madison County. I get it already, bridges are unsafe. I'll drive around the water from now on. Why I bother to watch tv news I do not know.

An LA reporter has been suspended for making the sexytime with the Mayor of LA:,0,1619997.story?coll=la-home-center

Maybe the heat has also had an effect on George Steinbrenner. A new report today portrays a King George who may have lost his marbles:

Here's a sign of Fall....Believe it or not, the NFL kicks off its preseason on Sunday night with the annual Hall of Fame game. The induction ceremony is Saturday. Browns lineman Gene Hickerson finally gets to enter the hall but sadly, he won't get to enjoy it:

Are you ready for bin Laden the musical?:;_ylt=AtlkXD.xSwo1ulv.Kz3PskLKOrgF

Harry Shearer is a comic God:,,20049590,00.html

I loved the cartoon UnderDog when I was a kid....but I'd rather down shots of poison before seeing the movie:

First Rocklahoma made me think I'd stepped into a time machine and gone back to the 1980s. Now a Mesa AZ Councilman wants to ban heavy metal bands from his town:

Bill O'Reilly gets into a bitch slap fight with Chris Dodd:

I have no use for the X Games....made for TV nonsense....but this dude's wipeout was way cool:

More crap as it happens..............


TFO said...

Not to sound like an insensitive ass, but thanks for the vid clip of the x-games wipeout - that was funny. It kinda speaks to the mentality of those involved with this kinda crap - while the guy is lying lifeless on the floor, the announcer is still talking about the "jump" that the guy just made. That many idiots shouldn't be given a media outlet.

O.M.O.M. said...

All that "EXTREME" sports crap chaps my ass. This is what happens when we make today's youth wear bicycle helmets. The idiots that should have been weeded out are allowed to live and come up with nonsense like the X Games.

I'm having a surly friday too, Eric, it must be in the water.

E. S. Furniss said...

The X Games are the reason this country is falling apart. When Tony Hawk becomes the spokesman of a generation we are all doomed. If you have so much time on your broadcast schedule to fill that you say "hey, lets put on a skateboarding show!" then there is no reason for your network to exist. Tonight on ESPN2...its the WNBA, Poker and the X Games...screw that. Give me another DIY network. I might actually be entertained watching Bob Villa build a deck. Here's my X Games take all those slacker sob's and their boards and let 'em skate thru the streets of Baghdad. There's your extreme sporting action. Try to jump that landmine beeyotch!