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Friday, June 15, 2007

Its ok to stop believin', really it is

Journey fans were thrilled that Don't Stop Believin' was used in the last scene of the Sopranos finale. Well, I mean they should be thrilled considering how you never hear Journey songs on classic rock radio (yes, that was sarcasm). In case you didn't know, lead singer Steve Perry was kicked to the curb about a decade ago. He was replaced by a guy who looked like the love child of Steve Perry and Kenny G and sounded just like Steve Perry (which would probably be the sole criteria for being the singer of a band that hasn't had a hit since Reagan was in office). So Steve Perry Jr. got sacked a year ago after word leaked on the net that the band may have been faking their vocals in concert. Perry Jr.'s replacement is a rock veteran named Jeff Scott Soto (who sounds nothing like Steve Perry nor looks like him...which is good for him) who saves the band's last tour....only to be kicked out only hours after the Sopranos faded to black. The reason for the dismissal? Jeff Scott Soto doesn't look or sound like Steve Perry (guess they didn't notice this before they hired him. Journey fans are ticked off and one of them has set up his own blog about it. Even if you find Journey guilty of committing hate crimes against people with taste (and I do), you'll find the blog entertaining.

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